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I’m Now Secured

On October 2, 2017 – I have set up a Let’s Encrypt SSL through my hosting provider (Dreamhost). The certificate seems to only be valid for a few months, but I am sure there will be a way to make it more permanent. For those that would care, the site will automatically go to secured hosting when selecting a link within the site. However, to assure some ease of future policies, I will continue to just use the non-encrypted URL, and make it so going to pages, and posts will be encrypted.

There is likely no need for this since I do not take credit card payments over my site, but it might offer some assurance and guarantee for someone that would prefer an encrypted site.

No More Facebook for Me

On 17th of June, 2017 – I have chosen to completely delete my Facebook Account. According to Facebook, I have a 14 day grace period in case I changed my mind, but I doubt I will. As time goes on, I feel that my value to most others as a person seems to be less and less. I don’t need Facebook to show me all of the useless and while sometimes amusing, lack of anything real. With this in mind, I decided to do the actual deletion, and removed the link from my .tel address as well as removed the link from my Social Network Page.

So what happens if someone wants to get in touch with me? Well, believe it or not, there is more to the Internet other than Facebook and Porn. When doing a Google search, one of my websites should show up. I can be reached via email, and Hangouts for IM communications. My Google Voice number supports SMS and MMS. If you are reading this post, you can reach me easily. Simply put, I don’t care if most people don’t know how to reach me. Almost everyone that were “Facebook Friends” have other ways to reach me. Continue reading No More Facebook for Me

Hades has Frozen Over

In a little more than one day on Comcast, and felt the need to spill my views on the matter. First, just because I have chosen Comcast does not mean I endorse or find them as a better alternative. For my situation, they are simply the lesser of two evils. To know why I have chosen Comcast, one should read Why I’m Leaving Verizon. However, Comcast has already caused problems. First, even before my installation, there was a billing problem, and hadn’t receive a notice of being charge the price I should be (a promotion of $30/month for 12 months). In addition, my modem (which is also an VOIP ATA and wifi-N router) has had problems with the installation where the technician spent longer than they should have, and I had connection problems which after about 45 minutes, finally logged into the modem directly and had to activate Wifi even though I had no desire to. Keep in mind, I will be paying $10/month to have this inferior product.

Throughout the day, there has been some internet hiccups, which I am hoping will subside over time. Technical support took 45 minutes to speak with me and was of no help. And obviously, as mentioned, I had billing problems even before installation. It sounds like the good ole’ days. Continue reading Hades has Frozen Over

Why I’m Leaving Verizon

Since I moved into Troy Hill in 2011, I had Verizon FiOS. In this area, there are two choices. The first choice is Comcast which I had them for a while while I lived at my previous address, but was regularly plagued with problems of service quality and billing issues. In a matter of fact, I eventually found out that I “owed” them $35 which I know I didn’t. And according to the person I spoke with, they don’t send any bill beyond the final bill, so you are left to assume that the bill is paid even though Comcast doesn’t recognize it.

I signed up for Verizon, and initially had everything. Finances left me to terminate my home phone (in favor of SIP), and my very old TV broke down which was good because all of the channels I would have watched was always on the most expensive tier price. I was able to keep my Internet bill reasonable, and then Verizon got Greedy to where it will negatively affect them as far as our relationship goes. Continue reading Why I’m Leaving Verizon

Dropping Yahoo

As of October 1, 2014 – I will be ceasing operations with Yahoo. For those of the most concern, this will mean that I will no longer be using Yahoo Messenger. There are a number of reasons, but to keep things simple, Yahoo is no longer relevant in my life. The only product or service I have put to some valid use with Yahoo is Yahoo Messenger. And with the fact that I can not seem to get my initials with Yahoo, it is not even a matter of keeping the identity for the sake of unified identification. Continue reading Dropping Yahoo

Pages Moved

For the 3 people that visits my web site regularly may have noticed the the About Section, and page on my dogs have vanished from my personal site. In addition, the Plans for the year, and my wish list is gone from this site. However, this information is still available.

As for the plans for 2014 – this will become a blog posting. It will have similar information, and will be late to the year, but it will still be a blog posting. I will do something similar in the first month of 2015 as well. Now, as for all of the grand pages that were on this site. They haven’t been killed off completely, but they were obsolete. is focusing more as a blog site even though I don’t write in it daily. Therefore, my goal is to focus on that blog aspect. My About Section, and Pets’ Page has been moved to As some may know, is one of my domains although have been underutilized as of lately. This domain will carry a more prominent role. Already, this domain will replace most of, and will soon add a sub domain with pictures, information on my religious beliefs (which some that inquired was confused) as well as my Wish List.

In the future, this will be the only blog site, and all other sites will focus exclusively on content. The goal will be to push myself in a position where my network of sites may seem to be reputable while actually meaning something on a personal level. This will also help organize my content and make it easier to find. Rather than searching multiple domains for certain content, everything – or almost everything in centralized places. This will push a focus on fsp domains – however, and will still be in my network of sites.

Hopefully New Domains to Come

I had set forth a pre-registration for four domains. Two of them have been attempted through, while the other two have been attempted through Dream Host. A pre-registration is an attempt to acquire the domain names before they become available for the general public to acquire. And while I don’t know the intricacies of the system, I will like to hope it is based on priority and then first come – first serve basis. Even with this in mind, I am not guaranteed to win any of them. The domains are as follows:


Continue reading Hopefully New Domains to Come

New Domains–New Sites to follow

Recently, new domains have become available. These are offered through the release of new extensions. Every domain is divided into at least 3 parts. There is the sub-domain, the domain name, and the extension. In some cases such as UK domains, there are a sub extension. To give an example, is as follows. Frank is the sub-domain, Pilone is the domain name, and name is the extension. A single entity (whether be person or company) owns a domain name with a respective extension. For example, I own, but someone else owns (although they don’t seem to do anything with it).

Now, ICANN (the company that allows new extensions, and assigns a country with their domain extension) released new extensions with more on the way. Now, I feel that some of the domains don’t make as much sense, and many of them aren’t relevant to me. I will note some that I will consider as relevant to me, and why. There are currently one new domain name I want, but do not have the funds at this time. Another domain that I felt would have made life easier was lost to me as someone acquired the domain before I could get it. Therefore, is not mine. However, I have managed to acquire one of the domains I want, and another is in limbo which I am guessing my preferred registrar is not set up properly with that domain.

Continue reading New Domains–New Sites to follow

My Hangouts Footer Image

Yesterday, I created a footer image for my Google Video Hangouts that I have yet to be able to use. Needless to say, I am not that popular. However, it is still something I figured I would do just in case. I will also go into how to create one. This should make life a little easier, and maybe a little more professional looking for those that are more popular than I am.

First thing I did was go to Once there, you would want to create a custom 640×360 image. You would want a white background, and you would need to make it transparent. From there, you would want to make a bottom banner. Make sure it is big enough for legible text. Also, make sure the color contrast is dramatically different. If not, it maybe harder for people to read on lower quality screens. In my instance, I chosen to create two layers, one black, and one blue. The text is white. Once you created the layers for the bottom, you would want to enter text. The minimum should be the name, and a means of contact. In my instance, I offer my name, my Twitter Handle, and my Contact Directory.

Continue reading My Hangouts Footer Image

Daily No More

On 2014-02-22, the last daily post was made. This post was published on 2014-02-23. The reason of this is very little day to day activity occurs where there is a warrant for a daily post. Most of the time lately, it has been an effort to gather a few sentences, and the next day’s plans are of little better. Essentially, writing a daily post has become a monotonous trial. And of course, some people can attribute that to my boring life, and in that instance, I will agree with them. However, it does not change the facts any.

In turn, from this point on – there will be a weekly update which will cover days Sunday – Saturday. Such post will be published either Saturday evening or Sunday morning. In turn though, when there is something that happens in my life that I feel warrants publishing, I will do so. If it is something that is just general activity, then it will be under the Just Life Category. I will also of course write blog postings on other subjects as the effort arises.