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New Domain: NeedsToBeBetter.US

Yes, some people may think I have too many domains, although I am looking into reducing the number I have. However, I thought this will be a good one to state my eccentric, but in my opinion sensible and valid points. The domain is NeedsToBeBetter.US. Why did I choose this domain. Well, there are many good qualities about the United States, however the country is obviously not perfect. It is flawed and in some cases antiquated on many levels. Corruption has infested government, and almost every politician “owes” favors to lobbyists, or “sponsors” rather than the people who elected them.

This domain will probably piss some people off, but I really don’t give a darn. I am not going to please everyone, and in a matter of fact, I will probably not please many people. However, that is part of the point of this website. Where some people just whine and complain about things, they rarely bring up suggestions to improve what they are whining about. The reason why is to think of rational, and effective solutions without sounding like a moronic idiot takes intelligence, and time.

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Why iOS is beating Android

This is a speculative question, and some people may say that is not the case as there are more Android devices then there are iOS devices, but considering there are hundreds of different Android devices versus a few models with different storage size, and in my opinion with inferior specs – this could lead to some questions.

First, I consider the iPhone to be an inferior device not because of its build quality, but because of the specifications in the iPhone vs. the price. First, the iPhone 4S has a dual core 800Mhz CPU. It has 512MB of memory, and a 3.5” screen. While it may have a 8MP rear camera, it has a .3 (3/10) MP camera front camera. It does support Bluetooth 4 which is a saving grace. It has no expandable storage, so you buy a 16, 32, or 64GB model, and you have to buy a brand new phone at the full price if you want more storage. Also, the severely closed OS where apps can’t do what they need to do effectively, and even some categories of apps not even being able to be produced due to Apple’s TOS policy. For example, there will never be any call management software, therefore such capabilities has  to be at some service level.

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What TelNIC can do to improve

TelNic is the registry authority of the .TEL domains (such as, or It is not a web site service, and there are some restrictions that apply to .TEL domains that don’t apply to other domains. This is a feature of the .TEL, and not at all any disadvantage. However, there are a few things that TelNIC can do to improve their services. These are suggestions based on my experience with their services, as I am an owner of a few .TEL domains.

Now, to understand why I am making these suggestions, one may have to know what is the .TEL, and what it does. If you are already familiar with .TEL, just skip this paragraph. First, a .TEL uses the Internet infrastructure, but does not provide many things that you would normally find on the Internet. You would not get web site services (at least in a traditional sense), you would not have FTP, SSH, WebDav, Email, or Jabber Services. In addition, you can not move your .TEL to a hosting service. TelNIC controls the hosting of all .TEL Domains, and therefore – everyone – no matter the registrar has the same experience after they acquire the domain. You would register a .TEL just like any other domain, and the only difference is the DNS control. Instead, when you go to a .TEL domain, you would find a simplistic layout that is WML, WAP, HTML-Mobile, and HTML-Desktop compliant. This is done as all of the details are located in DNS records, and when a page is requested, the server discovers the type of browser, and inserts the appropriate DNS entries in a template that provides an optimized experience for the device. A person would see the HTML version if he goes to the site with a PC (the HTML code is in a template), and a WML version if they go on a basic cell phone such as Motorola W370. This is all handled by the server code on the hosting machines which are again – TelNIC. All of the pages are the same look (with a couple of customizations), and the difference is the content based on the owner. Since this is all DNS record entry, updates are usually within a few moments.

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Hulu Cable? Not really

There has been some news articles where Hulu is considering a cable model approach. They will still be exclusively on the Internet, but exactly how this will turn out, I am not sure. According to the Wall Street Journal, Hulu is considering changing it’s business model and offer shows on the same time they air on TV as well as offer an on demand service. This sounds really good, right? Well, it does sound good – but so does unicorns crapping hope.

Look, I like Hulu a lot. I use it all of the time, especially since I don’t have a television, nor can I afford the $100+ price tag that a company I have issues with will charge me to get cable TV. However, just because Hulu says they will be a online cable service doesn’t mean anything. They will still have to get broadcast rights, and the companies that formed Hulu did so to compete with You Tube, and when it failed, they do a half-ass attempt at keeping it running. On a personal note, the second season of V is not running on Hulu where the first season did. And if I remember right, ABC (where you would watch V) is one of these partners.

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Comcast + NBC = OMG

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The FCC has approved the acquisition of NBC with Comcast. And while there are conditions in the acquisition that will be beneficial, I am reluctant in putting my stamp of approval on it just yet. There are a number of reasons of why as well. First, NBC is a part of Universal Studios which is a major movie production company. Next, NBC is a major holder of Hulu, and while that has to be absolved as a condition, that is not the right way. And then there is Comcast’s we screw everything up policies they seem to have (at least with my experience with them).

So, with the acquisition of NBC, this could mean that movies produced by Universal studios will be less likely to go to competitors such as Netflix, or now Hulu. Imagine being a Time Warner customer, and not getting that latest hit summer movie from Universal on Time Warner Pay Per View just because Comcast wants to make sure that Comcast customers get their fill first. Keep in mind that in 99.99% of the US, there is only one cable provider, so they really don’t even compete. In addition, imagine Netflix, nor Hulu getting any of this content simply because Comcast doesn’t want it. Yes, there are shows on Hulu from Comcast owned networks, but this is not the full allotment, as that will compete with their flagship service (cable television). Continue reading Comcast + NBC = OMG

Wimax – First Impressions

I have received the Wimax modem about 1PM yesterday, and figured I would write my first impressions. First, I decided to get Wimax as all of the other ISPs that I would have been able to choose if I moved would have been the same price or much more and at least with Wimax, I should be able to take the modem to another location (as long as I could plug in).

First, considering that the service was already activated – it was very easy to setup. I received the cheapest modem and rotated a lever to establish the feet so it could stand vertical. I then plugged the modem into an electrical outlet which supports a 2 prong connection. I plugged the router into the only RJ-45 port, and there is an RJ-11 port, but that is for Clear’s VOIP service. After that, I had to log into my router, and set my IP services settings to acquire from the ISP where the DSL used Static. Once that was done, everything worked perfectly, right? Wrong. Continue reading Wimax – First Impressions

Just when I thought AOL was useless – they buy About.ME

Back in the mid ‘90s when I first got AOL, I was appalled by the $200+ ISP bill (before they had unlimited), and quickly went to an ISP offering unlimited services. However, when they had BYOA (Bring Your Own Access), I again gave them a try only to have the standard SPAM soar through when you used their chatrooms (about the only thing worthwhile), so again canceled services with them. And I just used them for AIM which gave me problems with logging in, so I just forgot about them.

Now just yesterday, a few days after about.ME went public, they were bought by AOL for $10 Million. So, now I am a user of AOL again. The question is will AOL slaughter this service as they did with their own ISP service, or will they actually leave it alone. I don’t have much confidence that they will improve things unless they give the company freedom to do what they need or wish to do. That just doesn’t seem too AOL like though. Continue reading Just when I thought AOL was useless – they buy About.ME

Mobile Me Going Free? Who Cares??

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Gizmodo suggest that Mobile Me might be offering a free version. I and I hope people with common sense is saying Who Cares? I even went to take a look at Mobile Me, and went to see if there was anything there I might have been missing. Here is what they have to offer, and here is my thoughts.

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The IPcalypse is coming.

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It will seem that there are less than 235 million IPv4 addresses left to distribute. According to estimates, this will run out in less than a year. Now, I am sure what many people are thinking. 234 million addresses is a lot. It’s silly to think of that!

Actually, no it’s not. First, this is smaller than the population of the United States. In addition, every server, and network that connects to the Internet needs an IP address. For example, my home network has an IP address. In addition, my cell phone since it has a regular connection to the Internet probably has an IP address.

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