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Oh My, It’s So BIG!

OK, first get your mind out of the gutter. And if you are thinking of what I think you are thinking, it’s not that big. What I am referring to however is my email box. At first, I set aside 10GB for my email account. However while doing some research for someone finding out how big their free Hotmail account is, I come to learn it is 5GB, and if they would have had a premium service, it would have been 10GB.

Well, I could not be outdone by Microsoft. Yes, I know MSN mail doesn’t allow email clients, and I know it is all web based, and would never meet my needs, but seriously – free is half as big as my main email account?

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Yahoo Mail Users – Email is easier

For those that communicate with me would find that I have very strange email addresses, and sometimes, it maybe hard for someone to remember. However, at least for Yahoo Mail users, it is now a bit simpler. If I am writing to your Yahoo Mail mail (, or, then your email address would simply be your ID @ I do have a few of such people, and they would see this change when I write them again. This is intended to make it simpler for those that write me, and may even allow me to have a simpler system in the future.