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I Will Be Blu No More

There was a time when I needed a dual SIM phone. The reason of this is because I cancelled my service with T-Mobile (due to costs), and pushed to rely on my Lifeline service for voice calls. However, at the time, data service was not included into the Lifeline service. I therefore had to use my lifeline SIM for voice calls, and my FreedomPop SIM for data services. This required that I have a dual SIM phone.

Thankfully, in January of 2017, Life Wireless (my lifeline provider) offered a new plan with 500 minutes, and 500MB of data with their Lifeline program. Now, I continued to use a Blu phone only because I didn’t want to have to do a massive load of updates on my only phone I had not from Blu. However with the problems I had with Blu, I given up on them completely. Continue reading I Will Be Blu No More

July 2016

The expired couch that has been an annoyance for 6 weeks was finally removed and taken for the trash. Will just have to deal with an old TV, and monitor. My brother said he will get it, but considering it took as long as it has for him to help with the couch, I hold very little hope. Republic Wireless has decided to not do any updates for their Motorola Moto G3 phones. Thier reasoning is that they want to focus on their new 3.0 plans and devices which is basically telling everyone to go F themselves. The phone will likely continue to function as a Wifi Phone, but if they have no intention on updating the phone because “F You”, then I have little reasoning in continuing to invest in Republic Wireless beyond just the Wifi Only Plan. It’s a shame that OEMs and carriers are allowed to do that to their customers.

Replaced my old phone with one that has Android 6.0 even though 7 is around the corner. From the company’s experience I had with them, I have little doubt that the phone will get any real update. I would much rather have a Nexus device, but there are no such phones with dual SIM. Using a 200MB SIM from FreedomPOP. They offer “voice/SMS” but this is through their proprietary software which means VOIP services. I will just be using the data for free which is again limited to 200MB.
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2 Factor Required for SSA

Earlier today (2016-July-29), I received an email from the Social Security Administration (aka SSA) noting that anyone using the online resources of the Social Security Web Site will be required to have SMS capabilities. So, you will have to enter your UID, and Password – then you will have to receive a code which you will enter into the web site. If your phone service does not support SMS, or if your phone number provider does not work with Social Security’s system for whatever the reason, you will not be allowed to login to the web site. Considering that many of Social Security Administration’s users are elderly, I could see this as a mess.

Let us first identify the biggest problem. SSA will require that any user of their web site will have to have a cellular phone with SMS services. If you are a person on a very fixed income, you may not have unlimited SMS messages. Also, if you are on a fixed income, you may not have a cellular phone. People such as myself may use services such as Google Voice to consolidate telephone numbers and make things simpler may not support their services. SSA claims it is a new security policy, but they are doing it incorrectly. Continue reading 2 Factor Required for SSA

Why I’m Leaving Verizon

Since I moved into Troy Hill in 2011, I had Verizon FiOS. In this area, there are two choices. The first choice is Comcast which I had them for a while while I lived at my previous address, but was regularly plagued with problems of service quality and billing issues. In a matter of fact, I eventually found out that I “owed” them $35 which I know I didn’t. And according to the person I spoke with, they don’t send any bill beyond the final bill, so you are left to assume that the bill is paid even though Comcast doesn’t recognize it.

I signed up for Verizon, and initially had everything. Finances left me to terminate my home phone (in favor of SIP), and my very old TV broke down which was good because all of the channels I would have watched was always on the most expensive tier price. I was able to keep my Internet bill reasonable, and then Verizon got Greedy to where it will negatively affect them as far as our relationship goes. Continue reading Why I’m Leaving Verizon

First Terrible Amazon Experience

On the 6th of November 2014, I purchased a bag of dog food from Amazon. This is the major reason I have Prime Membership. I didn’t think anything of it. I went to the page, selected the food, purchased it with the in-house credit I had with them, and I was informed I will receive it on Tuesday which sounds about right. I then receive an adjustment on the date to Wednesday which is OK. I wasn’t in any rush. However, Wednesday comes and goes, and no dog food. I contacted Amazon, and was told to wait until Saturday. I ended up having to buy dog food locally which in its own was a challenge (will soon explain). Friday comes and goes, and I send another message on Saturday which I will not have a new shipment send by One Day Shipping, however that never happened. Sunday, and Monday rolls along and the dog food never ships. I contact them on Tuesday and I am told that the particular flavor of dog food is in back order, and my options was to wait (which they will give me a $5 credit) or cancel the order. Obviously, giving a damn about whether my dogs eat or not, I cancelled the order and made a new one with the flavor they normally get. As of right now, I should hopefully get it sometime before Friday (today is Tuesday).

So, what did I have to do while the dog food was never delivered to me, and was required to wait for more than a week after ordering? Well, I had to do some research to see which pet stores has the brand they eat. Then I had to call the store to find out if they had any 20lb bags. Keep in mind, my money is still tied up with Amazon while I was not getting my dog food with them. I then had to take 2 buses and walk about 20 minutes, including walking back with a 20lb bag of dog food. For those that don’t know me (hopefully Amazon Reading this), I should not be walking with a 20lb of dog food due to a physical impairment. Obviously, I should have taken 3 buses. However, that trip to the pet store, and back took 3 hours of my life I would never get back. In turn, I spent $1.50 per pound for that 20lb bag of dog food.

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A Nexus 5? Not from T-Mobile

T-Mobile decided to offer the Nexus 5 16GB model for an easy payment plan of $42 + 24 payments of $17. This comes to a price tag of $450 + sales tax. However, this is a serious issue, especially when you consider other factors.

First, if one was to pay full price for the phone upfront, they will have to pay $450+sales tax. At Google, the 32GB model is $50 cheaper than what T-Mobile will sell for the 16GB model. And since they may no mention of the 32GB model, I will only presume that T-Mobile does not wish to sell a Nexus 32GB for $550 which seems to be what T-Mobile will likely do. However, this major discrepancy of price is not the only issue.

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Why I Can’t Stand Windows 8

On Wednesday, 2013-07-25, I have received an HP 2000 series PC. The PC is good for what I expected. It is in no means my ideal PC, and not even my first choice of sub $1000 PCs. It is a good choice as a sub $500 PC. However, one serious flaw of the HP is it comes with Windows 8. Now, is Windows 8 the same kind of fiasco as Windows Vista, no. But is is a completely different mess of its own.

If you don’t know the idea of Windows 8, the idea is that you have a fully functional OS that runs an x86 CPU. Windows 8 and Windows RT are very much alike with the exception of Windows 8 is able to run “legacy” programs or programs that are designed to run in the native environment of Windows 7 or earlier Windows OSes. This segregation is only a part of the problem.

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Consequences with Loyalty to Capital One

A number of years ago, I have been approved for a Capital One card. I can’t recall the exact date, but I know it has been at least 5 years, but wouldn’t be surprised if it has been 10 years. So, why would I be so upset? Well, in recent times, I have been treated in a manner that is inappropriate in how I have dealt with Capital One. Unfortunately, this is not going to change things, but it will force me to literally make financial decision based on whether or not it is acceptable to Capital One.

Now Capital One wants to claim, they are doing so much for me. My interest rate is 13.9% which I am sure is pretty good in comparison to other people. Although, let’s face it, it ought to be. Nonetheless, this is of no consequence to me as I will explain later. There is also traveler’s insurance, roadside assistance and extended warranty of certain products. I will get to that later in this post.

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PC Manufacturers Live in the Past

I had been looking at options for a new Computer, although I am unlikely to be able to get anything anytime soon, however I have come across a disturbing realization. Every manufacturer still has what I would consider as legacy ports. About the only one that has a complete lineup without legacy ports would be Apple. Let’s face it, Apple PCs are very expensive, and I would have to buy a Windows 7 Pro OS as I don’t see me jumping completely in bed with a company that is so overpriced.

So what is legacy, and what is not legacy? Well, the following ports are ports that have relevance now, and in the next 5 years.

  • Audio (preferably in/out combination)
  • HDMI (preferably in/out combination)
  • RJ45 (1GBPS, but 10GBPS will be nice)
  • Thunderbolt
  • USB (version 3)

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Commander Matt’s Pointless Comments

Late last night (my time), I received 5 comments waiting to be approved, and all I can say is this would be Commander Matt either is a 3rd grader (no insult intended to the 3rd graders) or the mentality of an 8 year old who wasn’t raised properly. So, Commander Matt, I will not reward your behavior by allowing your comments on my 2+ year old posts. Instead, I will address the issues and your immaturity here in a blog post that will have comments disabled. If people don’t like what I have to say here, that is their choice. There is no need to comment on this.

I will be taking word for word on Commander Matt’s comments, and to not waste time and space on this posting – there will be a publically available Google Document that will be there for anyone to read. One thing he wanted to be critical about with me is that I am apparently willing to cater to poor quality routers when I noted about the global IP address problem, and how I give away my privacy because I use Google Voice. Meanwhile, he provided a free address. So, here are my arguments to your mostly invalid points.

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