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This is how I feel things should be.

The problem with Service Animals

Through research and various other issues, I have been researching information regarding service animals, and in particular – Emotional Support Animals (ESA). I have come across a number of interesting things, a couple of which I have found completely offensive, and some how in society – such is OK (except for the people affected).

Now, there are three different types of service animals. The first is what one might think of when they think of a service animal. This is an animal that has been trained (sometimes for two or more years) to accomplish a skill set of tasks. This will include dogs to help visually impaired people, or dogs that assists a person bound to a wheelchair. Then there are therapy animals. Such animals are docile, and with a calm demeanor. You would find them in hospitals, and nursing homes. Then there are emotional support animals. These animals provide comfort and help people whom may have certain mental health problems where the presence of that animal is going to provide a benefit. Continue reading The problem with Service Animals

PAT is going to isolate me in September

Self-centered, yes – but it affects many others. Paranoid, maybe but it’s true. According to a Port Authority Document, PAT is planning to reduce or eliminate all of their routes and raise fares. In my case, they are intending on eliminating the Route 4. While this might be acceptable (even though undesired) if there was reasonable access to other routes, but this is not the case. Troy Hill is an isolated community with only two ways in or out. Only one bus runs through this neighborhood, and to go to where there are bus routes will require a 1 mile or greater walk and no matter where the person walks, there is a massive and steep hill that must be be traversed.

Currently, the route 4 runs hourly with weekday peak times every 30 minutes. However, this is the only bus route that serves its predominant market. And with the only way to traverse to or from comparable routes can take 20 minutes from Lowrie if going down, or almost 45 minutes when returning – and this is the nearest bus routes. This however is on a good day. Inclement weather, disabled or elderly – this will make the traveling to the nearest bus route either very hard or impossible. This will further isolate the community. And many in this community may not be able to afford a car.

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Republic Wireless Success, and How So?

Late 2011, a new wireless service rolled out for the consumer masses in BETA called Republic Wireless. They are a VMNO (Virtual Mobile Network Operator) utilizing Sprint’s Network. Therefore, the phone (not phones) available is originally a Sprint Phone. So, what makes them different? Well, the monthly service is what makes them different. They are charging $20 per month for unlimited wifi based service and currently unlimited cellular service – although I don’t see that lasting. So, what do I think they need to do to be successful?

This is where this blog posting comes in. Keep in mind, they are trying to cater to a niche market. If you spend most of your time in a wifi network whether home or at work – this might be the right service for you. If you are always in a cellular network, this is not the right service for you. They also don’t support the US Short Codes, nor international calling. And right now, there are a couple of bugs in regards to Google Voice. So, here is what I think they need to do

  1. Better Phones
  2. Real Google Voice partnership
  3. Better adjustments of cellular service, and better marketing

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Solving the US Tax System

I have an idea that is radical, and I am sure many people will disagree. However, it will solve a number of problems. I will suggest a national sales tax. There will be two types. Standard, and Luxury. Standard Sales tax is imposed on most things, while luxury is imposed on very high end things, as well as tobacco, and alcohol. The extra money gained on the tax on alcohol, and tobacco can be used for prevention programs. There are only two exclusions from paying sales taxes. One is business to business purchases where there is going to be a resale. In example, a computer store may buy a computer from a supplier, and not pay sales tax if that will be resold. However, if it is used within the business, then there is a sales tax. The second option is person to person resale of used items.

Now, the standard sales tax could be set at 30% with 5% going to the state government. Luxury could be set at 45% with 10% going to state government. Now, this sounds like a lot of money, and in reality, it is. However, in turn – there will be no income tax. Think of it, most people pay about 25% in taxes off of their paychecks. Therefore, they are getting very close to gross which means much of the money is now going to sales taxes. There is an issue of this being too costly for people in poverty, but I will get to that in a moment.

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If I owned T-Mobile USA

As those who fear the big Death Star AT&T may have heard that the DOJ is filing suit to prevent AT&T from acquiring T-Mobile, and therefore dissolve it into their service which most T-Mobile customers will agree that is not good. However, even if the acquisition fails to go through with T-Mobile still getting $3 Billion + $3.5 Billion in resources, Deutsche Telekom still does not want T-Mobile in the US, and wants to get rid of it. T-Mobile has been a great innovator, and done a lot of things that forced the competition to change. They offered the Blackberry in the US first, and the first Android device. They offered reasonable priced unlimited voice, and unlimited data. They also offered UMA calling. And they offered the first calling circle feature.

And while T-Mobile killed some of its features like their calling circle, and UMA calling – they had still made a big influence in the US cellular market. However, if I owned a cellular network – let’s say as large as T-Mobile, I will do things different, and continue to shake the cellular market. I won’t keep the name T-Mobile as it belongs to the parent company, but let’s assume I will call it US Telecom. I will first keep simple pricing. I will offer standard features, and allow customers to choose additional features. I will reward customers for choosing higher plans, and will even give a discount on the plan for purchasing the phone outright.

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Businesses Should Have a .TEL

With the cost of Directory Assistance in many cases being $2.00, and the fact that finding a specific entry could be easier said than done, it would seem as if businesses would have a .TEL. They are cheap, and requires no additional hosting demands. And unless a company is regularly updating something, they would just have to be set up one time. Now, I am a fan of .TEL, and have a few of them myself, but it would make simply make sense. The bigger the business, the more sense it makes.

The reason for this is as smart phones, and even internet connected cell phones grow in popularity, the idea of being able to pull information that is needed comes into people’s mind. It should make sense to go to and get the needed contact information. In the case of franchises, there could be something like A person with a basic phone can simply go to the particular site, and search for a particular store within a certain distance. On that page would be everything the customer needs such as the manager, address, Google Maps integration, telephone numbers, and fax numbers. They could also put in notes such as bus routes, and what services are offered. Simply put, they offer more than a Yellow or White Page entry.

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SIP should get it’s own country, or at least country code

The United States Congress is on its way of passing a law that is 30 years past due, but in turn would have serious repercussions with some VOIP providers. A few of them are even big enough for a lot of people to be affected. Such names may include Skype, Voxalot, and Call Centric.

If the law passes, it would require these companies to provide phone numbers for all of their customers to allow them to call PSTN lines, or set all CID information as private which would cause a number of other problems such as not able to reach people who won’t answer private calls. Even in the event that voice mail could be left, and there is a telephone harassment charge, it would cause problems since these services technically don’t have a valid telephone number for free to their customers.

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How the Internet Should Be Handled?

There has been some talk for a few years about net neutrality. Many ISPs are against it as they say it would be unfair, and if they capitalize on special relationships with particular media venues, they would be violating it. However, we all seen where certain uses of the Internet has been throttled or killed completely by the same company that says Net Neutrality would hurt.

Well, I do understand what the ISPs are saying in their “innocent” claims, but let’s face it, they sought to maximize profits while claiming how they are being hurt. It has been shown where the ISPs as a whole has more than enough bandwidth. So, I have a few suggestions.

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5 Apps that should be on Android

I have been using my new Android phone for a little more than a month now, and I really like it. It is fast, I am able to boot the phone quickly. Full touch screen, and 3G. However, there are a few things that the Android phone should have.

I would list what I think should be on the Android, why, and for what benefit. Maybe a developer would come across this, and take my advise into consideration. I would go in order from what I feel is most important to least important.

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Can I Really Count on You in an Emergency?

In the United States, the emergency response number is 911. Any where in the US, or even Canada – you can dial 911 from any phone, and help is on the way. Well, not exactly. There are many VOIP providers that don’t offer this. For example, Skype doesn’t offer this. Neither do many providers that just charge you on a per minute plan. One example is I use Local Phone to make VOIP calls (when I need too), and they are less than 1¢ a minute. However, no 911 dialing is available.

Call Centric charges me $3/month for a 911 fee, and offers it, but that would mean in an emergency, I would have to remember to do something different as calls through them are 2¢ a minute. And I am sure that some people want to make sure their VOIP provider hasn’t screwed anything up, and would want to call 911 to see if it works. However, doing so just to say hi is illegal.

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