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No More Facebook for Me

On 17th of June, 2017 – I have chosen to completely delete my Facebook Account. According to Facebook, I have a 14 day grace period in case I changed my mind, but I doubt I will. As time goes on, I feel that my value to most others as a person seems to be less and less. I don’t need Facebook to show me all of the useless and while sometimes amusing, lack of anything real. With this in mind, I decided to do the actual deletion, and removed the link from my .tel address as well as removed the link from my Social Network Page.

So what happens if someone wants to get in touch with me? Well, believe it or not, there is more to the Internet other than Facebook and Porn. When doing a Google search, one of my websites should show up. I can be reached via email, and Hangouts for IM communications. My Google Voice number supports SMS and MMS. If you are reading this post, you can reach me easily. Simply put, I don’t care if most people don’t know how to reach me. Almost everyone that were “Facebook Friends” have other ways to reach me. Continue reading No More Facebook for Me

Super Poke to a Whole New Level

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So, you’re a woman. What do you do when your boyfriend refuses to show you his Facebook page? Question him suspiciously, walk away in anger, try reverse psychology. Maybe even break up with him? Well, how about stab him!

Shemicka Mc Vey of Indianapolis Indiana decided the best option to address her jealous curiosity on her  maybe cheating boyfriend was to stab him. So, moral of the story, guys – make sure you show your loony girlfriends your Facebook page or you would get poked in more ways than one.

Oh, just so you know, our new favorite loony won’t show her profile to you. I suggest we poke.

Facebook my Birdie!

Facebook is considering allowing users to post updates on Facebook to your Twitter account. Maybe it’s just me, but don’t anyone see the unintended consequences on this? Facebook is trying to get their SEO ranking higher so they are more popular on the Internet, but there has already been Facebook users on a regular basis that have struck out on every change of TOS that involves privacy.

And while I see this as possibly being a good thing, one does have to realize there would always be unintended consequences. I’m a Facebook user, and not a big one, but I have an account and everything. I wonder exactly what would happen with postings, and cross postings.

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One App to Rule Them All!

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I came across two pieces of news for RIM devices. Blackberry Messenger is supposed to get a major upgrade to support not only Blackberry and the proprietary RIM PIN, but also all of the major IM clients. For those that have RIM devices and a data plan, you would be able to download this new Messenger, set up all of the clients, and then delete all of the IM apps except for Messenger.

This is especially good news for me since I have an empty Blackberry Messenger contact list, and names in AIM, Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. I also have G-Talk (downloaded on 2009-10-02), but it is empty as well.

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