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March 2019

This month was much like any other month. I had two doctor’s appointments this month, and another one on the day after this entry posts. With the weather warming up, I am able to walk Malak more often.

I also got a letter from Section-8 which they increased my portion of rent to $185. This may not sound like much, but with SSI, I get less than $800 – so every increase is a pain to the budget.

Another thing that got to me is the new editor for WordPress blogs which seemed to have eliminated the option to compose without the WYSIWYG editor. For me, this is l have to deal with it, and there will be a slight change in how I write my entries.

Other than that, there has been very little that has happened. I also had to send a couple of pieces of mail out, and composed a couple of emails. I also got a Quip toothbrush which works well enough.

February 2019

Not much happened this month. Had a small mouse problem which it is being addressed. Had an appointment with my anesthesiologist. Tried to go with Google Fi, but the app wasn’t recognizing my SIM card, so never started service.

Because of the government shut down last month, I received SNAP benefits for February in January. At time of writing this entry, I still have some left. Been walking someone else’s dog when I walk Malak. I get a few dollars for walking the dog which helps a bit.

January 2019

Not much happened this month. Had a holiday dinner, went to a doctor’s appointment, and mailed off 4 applications for a new apartment. The reason for this, is I will likely have to have surgery, in the future, and the current place does not support a wheelchair.

Also had a few emails, and someone I know communicated with me for a little while on Hangouts (Google’s IM Service). One thing to note is I do not like the new backend for WordPress. It feels too simplified with no real control.

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December 2018

This month was a little busier than usual. The first week, I went to the post office to acquire a PO Box. I also sent some funds to a PA Able account for my future goals. In addition, I went to get cleats on my shoes, and turned in papers for Section-8.

In the second week, I went to the post office to get no mail, and went to the bank to make a deposit. I also went to the grocery store to get some groceries. 

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November 2018

This month has been much like any other month. I regularly take Malak for a walk except for days with rain, and snow. The TV is working as expected. I usually watch the news, and a few TV shows after they air. I also had some unproductive conversations with my brother. To respect his privacy, that is all I will say about that. Last, I opened a PA Able account which I will be using to save for moving in the future.

October 2018

Not much happened with most of the activity being in the first week. During this time, I had a doctor’s appointment, and I purchased a TV so I can watch the news. This TV has Roku which allowed me to link my Hulu, and Netflix accounts so I don’t have to use the PC to watch video content.

The second week, my food assistance benefits came in. I went to the grocery store to get food for the month. The third week, I went to PAT (Public Transit) Customer Service and replaced my card. No other activity happened this month worth noting. Continue reading October 2018

September 2018

A little bit happened this month. I had a couple of doctor appointments, and a couple of times – had to run errands. Most days, I got to walk Malak, and managed to pay bills a couple of days early because of when the first fell. This month was also spent in managing my music through iTunes.

First, as for the walks with Malak. I had to adjust where I walk him due to increasing pain with long walks. I won’t go into detail of the streets as I like my privacy. Once, I acme across a former friend of my brother’s. We caught up on what was going on for about 30 minutes. I explained that he didn’t see me much because of where he lives being too far for me to walk Malak. Speaking of my brother, he called me for a few minutes and wanted to know some details about security cameras. I don’t know much of them, but I gave him the best answer I can. Continue reading September 2018

August 2018

Not much happened. There were no appointments, or events in the first week. Did some website management during this period to keep everything up to date. As usual, I paid my bills and taken care of my expenses with exception of food. And last during the first week, I closed my AMEX account. The reasons of this was I wasn’t using the card because available credit and interest rates were to my liking. My best card is my Capital One card with $2750 at 16%.

The second week was much like the first week. I did have to get groceries. I also watched some shows on Netflix. In addition, I had to go to the bank to deposit and transfer money to my primary checking account. An acquaintance asked me for dinner a couple of times. While I don’t feel she is in the best position to feed other people, it wouldn’t have been worth arguing with her about it. Also, had to replace my media player. This of course cost money, but I had it to spend, so that didn’t hit me too hard. Continue reading August 2018

March 2018

The first week was pretty quiet. I aided someone that needed help with something, and again in the second week. I also managed to add funds to my savings account which is getting closer to my target goal. I also acquired a new domain which I am working on finding something to do with it.

In the third week, I had two appointments. One was with the eye doctor, and the other was with my pain psychologist. While speaking with her, she enlightened me to something that after careful consideration – forced me to reconsider my plans. This will likely force me to make changes with what I will want to do, and force me to adjust my plans.
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February 2018

Not much has happened this month. My birthday was in the first week as well as a doctor’s appointment. A friend of mine insisted on taking me out for my birthday, but otherwise – it was much like any other day.As for the appointment, all is well and went through as expected.

The second week, I had another appointment which I went to without issue. On the second week, I also had to wait on UPS to deliver a package from Amazon. Nothing too special, just recycling bags. There were a couple of warm days (considering it is Winter) which allowed me to get Malak out for a walk. Continue reading February 2018