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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs and prepared a little when I will have to go out on Tuesday. Chris stopped down for a few hours. I also placed an order for their weights which I am finally able to pay for. Otherwise, I just paid my bills, and let things be.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans really. It will be like that, not only Saturday, but the whole holiday weekend.


Not much happened today. I was in a bit of pain, so I never went to Downtown to collect the rent rebate form. However, I think I found the forms online through and editable PDF file. I will fill out the information I can, and have the landlord fill out the parts he will need too. I am hoping to get this out before April so it could be handled, and I could get the rent rebate.

I also had to make a phone call, and received a phone call from what I assumed is a telemarketer who happened to call the cellular phone directly. I set them for a block on the firewall. I did walk the dogs even though I was in pain. They needed a walk, and I wanted to make sure they got it.

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Not much happened today. I had two doctor appointments. The first one was a dental appointment, while the second one was for the anesthesiologist. I left at 9AM, and got home almost 3PM. I wasn’t much in the mood to do much else when I got home.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a couple of phone calls, but will otherwise be home. Not much else planned for the day.


A couple of things happened today. After walking the dogs, I got ready to go to the grocery store. This wasn’t for groceries, but to acquire a bag of dog food, and a couple of tubes of toothpaste. I also purchased a couple of gallons of iced tea. This was all possible with a shopping cart I had received a couple of days ago. The dog food is a tight fit, but it was able to go in. This should be a good option for when I go grocery shopping next week where I should be able to purchase a month’s worth of groceries.

I also did a little work on a new web site which some changes will be done. I had some writer’s block which is hampering my advances with other sites in the works. Nonetheless, I at least have options in regards to work I can do.

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Not much happened today. I had to go to East Ohio Street as the local pharmacy isn’t accepting the insurance I have. They said it is only temporary, which I hope is the case as if not – I may have to travel to the nearest one.

I also bought a 32lb of dog food which I purchased at the Giant Eagle while I was waiting for my prescriptions to be filled. I also made an appointment with another anesthesiologist which I will hope will do something better than what I am getting now.

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Not much happened today. It was a Sunday, so I would be home anyways. I spent a little time on Second Life, and did a little work on the respective site. I reheated pasta that I made yesterday, and closed the recycle bag that got filled.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will have to go to the main street, but this will be a short trip hopefully. This will be done after I take care of the dogs. Not much else going on. Another boring Sunday.


Not much happened today. I did some work on one of my sites which I want to finish when possible. I will likely do some more tomorrow. I also made a couple of phone calls, and did a little personal work.

I also spent a little time in Second Life. It would seem that my great building project has reduced me to about 700 Prims (1900 starting off), and most of my structures hadn’t even been furnished yet. I will want to rez one more skybox, but may have to make a sacrifice along the lines of something.

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How I wish I could have mined!

A while ago, there was a service called Bitcoin that started. As anything that deals with money, I was a bit cautious about jumping in. However, I decided to take the leap as it is around, and there was only one major security breach.

For those that don’t know, bitcoins are an electronic virtual currency. Merchants and people can use them independently of the banks, and therefore independent of transaction fees. One could of course exchange it for real currency which can be deposited into a bank account, or Paypal. However – there are exchange fees, and one is responsible for any taxes due to it.

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Not much happened today. I spent a good part of the day home, although had to go to the local convenience store to buy a $3.00 loaf of bread. Even if it would had been worth the trip, I wouldn’t have been able to go to the grocery store as there are no buses.

The dogs had been lazy, but I couldn’t blame them as it hit 90°F again. Eventually it cooled down, and they got to go outside and play. I am considering on moving their walk to the evening which will hopefully make it easier for them.

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