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Week 51 – 2014

Not much happened this week. This week had Christmas which is important to my brother’s family, but much like most days for me. I did go to Chris’ since he wasn’t going to Butler PA with his girlfriend, and the children. This was due to room in the car. I brought the dogs with me to his place, and obviously walked there and back. I left about 11AM, and got home about 9PM. A friend of mine asked for my address which I sent it to her. However for the most part – this has been a quiet week.

As for plans for next week, I will have my income coming in, which I will have to pay my bills and rent. I am expecting a minor increase of money for 2015 (about $20/month), but this will barely enough to cover my transportation cost much less anything significant. However, as always – I will make due.

Week 50 – 2014

Not much happened this week. I got into a game called Megapolis which is pretty interesting (in my opinion). Otherwise, not much really happened this week. As for plan for next week, not much is planned. Not a big holiday person, so if it is too cold, or too much pain, I will not be making to my brother’s for Christmas. There are no buses, so there won’t be too significant of an effort. I will have to do laundry this week, but otherwise – not much else is planned.

Week 49 – 2014

This week was as most starts of the month where I do a lot of activity, but of little interest. I picked up a couple of groceries at the end of the month, and had an errand in the middle of the month where I also added funds to my Connect Card. This was essential as I had very little left. I also had an appointment with my Anesthesiologist, but this was the normal 3 month follow up. And of course, I paid my bills – all of which were done electronically. Andrea paid a portion of her phone bill, and hopefully will pay the rest before Tuesday of next week.

As for plans for next week, I will have another doctor’s appointment, and will have to get groceries for most of the month. I will also be continuing to work on my one site that I want to finish (but not likely) before the end of this month. I will also be indulging myself on American Horror Story – Coven (season 3).

Week 48 – 2014

Not much happened this week. Being the end of the month, I stayed home much of the time. Of course, the dogs got walked, and I went to the grocery store to get a couple of essentials. Otherwise, there wasn’t much that happened. As for plans for the coming week, I will have an appointment, and will be receiving my benefits. Of course with that, it means I will be paying rent and bills. Needless to say, it is one of those weeks not worth commenting about.

Week 47 – 2014

This week has been relatively quiet, as is most weeks in the second half of the month. I had to get some groceries which I done so with no issue. I also placed an order with Amazon for an item which someone was kind enough to gift me a portion of the proceeds with regards to the item. I will be making note of it when I get it. I also ordered a set of headphones which I needed. In addition, I got a free Spring/Autumn jacket which will do no good in the Winter, but will help in other times of the year. Last, I got an email from someone I rarely hear from, and replied – so I would guess I won’t hear from that person for a while again.

As for plans for the coming week, I will have an errand to do which will be done on Monday. I will also expect the Amazon package to come on Sunday. Not much else otherwise, especially with it being the end of the month. I would continue to do some work on my web sites, and documents that I hope to accomplish before the end of the year – but for now, things are pretty quiet.

Week 46 – 2014

This week could have been better. Spent the week waiting for the dog food from Amazon to come in. Keep in mind that I ordered it a week ago. It would seem as if I had to wait for Saturday to request a replacement – even though UPS never received it. I will be writing an entry about this as soon as the problem is resolved. However, I expected better. Needless to say, I still had to get dog food. I expect to run out either Sunday or Monday. I don’t want to have to go on the day I needed it, so I went on Thursday to get the dog food. The closest place was Edgewood Town Center where I could buy a 20lb bag of food for $30. This meant I had to take a 4: Troy Hill followed by a 61A: North Braddock, and then walk 3 blocks. With my ankles and the fact the 61A only runs about every 30 minutes – I would probably have to take 3 buses the next time, especially since this round trip cost me 3 hours of my time.

On Friday night, I informed Amazon which I should get a new shipment. Otherwise, my week has been spent working on the massive document that has consumed a bit of my time. No real plans for the coming week other than a couple of errands.

Week 45 – 2014

Not much happened this week. I went to the grocery store to get a couple of groceries before I do real shopping. I also got most of the money that Andrea owed, and she said I will get the rest next week. Maybe I should disable data for everyone, and they will get it next week. Otherwise, I have been working on a couple of projects, but otherwise – not much happened this week. As for plans for next week, I will have to get groceries addressed. and I will expect my dog’s food to come in the coming week.

Week 44 – 2014

This week was slow with a lot of a waste of time towards the end. I will focus on this waste of time. One Friday (31st of October), I had jury duty. So, I have went through questioning, and sitting with interviews, right? Wrong. I spent the entire day waiting, and waiting before lunch, then waiting, and waiting again before being released around 3:30PM. In turn, I got $10.70 for my time with my lunch costing $8.00 and then there is bus fare. On top of that, I couldn’t pick up the dogs’ heartworm prevention medicine.

Other than that, not much happened. I walked the dogs on Saturday, and prepared for my bills to be paid. This meant that I paid the rent, and the electric while transferring the remainder to my credit cards, and Google Wallet. I also have a deposit which I will have to make on Monday. As for plans for next week, I will have to go to get cleats on my shoes, get the dogs’ heartworm prevention medicine, make a deposit, and a couple of other errands. My goal is to do everything on one day as to reduce the amount of bus fare I will have to spend.

Week 43 – 2014

Not much happened this week. Being this is the end of the month, things are relatively quiet. I did some work on the document that I need to finish. I have just a month or two to complete everything, and I am assuming there will be at least 100 pages. As for plans for the next week, I will expect to get my benefits, and I may have to go in for jury duty. Otherwise, no other plans for the most part.

Week 42 – 2014

Not much happened this week. Andrea, and Chris had some problems which meant he spent a few days with me. Otherwise, not much else happened. I got flea prevention medicine for the dogs which I will use in a couple of weeks. Otherwise, not much else happened. I wasn’t as productive as I would like to have been with my document that I have been working on, but this should hopefully change come next week. As for plans for next week, I will have to do some things that some people I deal with won’t like, but this is their consequences. I will also have a couple of errands to address which I am going to try to do everything at one time.