Commander Matt’s Pointless Comments

Late last night (my time), I received 5 comments waiting to be approved, and all I can say is this would be Commander Matt either is a 3rd grader (no insult intended to the 3rd graders) or the mentality of an 8 year old who wasn’t raised properly. So, Commander Matt, I will not reward your behavior by allowing your comments on my 2+ year old posts. Instead, I will address the issues and your immaturity here in a blog post that will have comments disabled. If people don’t like what I have to say here, that is their choice. There is no need to comment on this.

I will be taking word for word on Commander Matt’s comments, and to not waste time and space on this posting – there will be a publically available Google Document that will be there for anyone to read. One thing he wanted to be critical about with me is that I am apparently willing to cater to poor quality routers when I noted about the global IP address problem, and how I give away my privacy because I use Google Voice. Meanwhile, he provided a free address. So, here are my arguments to your mostly invalid points.

Post 1 (2010-07-29)

This noted the issue that it was allowed by DMCA conditions to allow the rooting of hardware the consumer own when it came to mobile OS devices such as Android and iOS. However, Apple didn’t care, and rooting the device will not only violate the warranty, but it may make the device unusable in a device update. This post was written as a warning.

Commander Matt’s response is that Apple and Sony are alike (no mention of Sony). The Apple Toaster can’t be used as a doorstop or canteen, or lawsuit. He then mention how this was not the American Spirit. First, he spelled canteen wrong. I actually wrote the correct spelling. Second, lawsuits are unfortunately very much the American way. Is it right, probably not – but that does not make it untrue if Commander Matt chooses to disregard that fact. And while I feel that lawsuits could be just, there are many times when a lawsuit is not just.

Post 2 (2010-07-26)

This has given a general view of what I did which is what this blog site has done for a very long time.

Commander Matt’s response was blog posts without images are tedious.

So maybe I should take cartoon drawing lessons and make a comic book of my posts just for Commander Matt. Maybe he should just get his Spiderman comic, and make himself feel better calling it a Graphic Novel. Just turn off the lights before your bedtime. Simply put, I am not so interested in gaining audience. I do not have any stats tracking, and I am not advertising my site. So if Commander Matt, or anyone else don’t like the site because there are no pictures – maybe they should find something that is more to their intellect level.

Post 3 (2010-07-23)

This post was noting the problems with the standard of the IPv4 addressing scheme and how the number of devices that were connecting, and needing an IP address was exceeding the number of available addresses. This was a global issue that is in my opinion not being addressed quick enough. My solution was to push harder to IPv6, and even start assigning physical locations with static addresses.

Commander Matt’s response was remember most routers employ LAMETARD software for NAT this is a huge OFT ignored problem.

This might have made sense if I was addressing the personal home issue on routers that might have been a few years old, but most lametard routers as Commander Matt puts it could support IPv6. The problem is the global infrastructure hasn’t moved to IPv6. And for Commander Matt’s information, NAT is also used in IPv6. Maybe we should move the Internet to the Commander Matt is Super Great Protocol and break everything?

Post 4 (2010-07-22)

Daily entry as noted in Post 2.

Commander Matt’s response was that it would seem like I will be a happy exhibitionist, twitter/facetard. Add GPS routing, photos, and videos.

Well, that simply put doesn’t make much sense now does it. He calls me an exhibitionist while suggesting to do things to make myself one. As for using Twitter, and being a facetard (a Facebook retard), let’s address this.

Yes, I use Twitter. I don’t post often to it, but use it to acquire useful news. I also use it to keep up to date on public transit delays, because I don’t ride the little yellow school bus all of the time. It is also good since the local electric company provides outage information during this time. Who would have guessed that Twitter can be used for useful things. Obviously not Commander Matt.

As for being a facetard, one that is probably offensive to people that have serious brain damage that causes their IQ to be below 70. Maybe if I was acting in such a manner, and he noted that – it would be justifiable just as you don’t offend hearing impaired people when you say your words fallen on deaf ears. When I had Facebook, I however didn’t revolve my life around it. It was a means of allowing people to find me if they didn’t know how to search for my name. Once it became of absolutely no value, I deactivated my account. And didn’t we forget Google Plus. At least I have an account with them.

Post 5 (2010-07-21)

This was an issue with regards to the higher prices that Call Centric was charging, and how I was replacing them for something that was at the time a better option. Considering this post is almost 3 years old, it will be reasonable to assume that things have changed since.

Commander Matt went on and on about how everything I was supposedly doing was wrong, and gave half assed responses that some of it does not really make sense, nor applied. The Google Document that will accompany this post will show this person’s comments that was not approved. However, I will paraphrase and address them here.

Google Voice is Ad-ware. This is wrong. You do not get ads when you use Google Voice. Google Voice is a part of Google’s core business which is ads, but we can see the results of Google Voice in Google Now as well as the voice recognition engine with Google’s Android OS.

Next, it was my fault that I paid to make a toll free call. I need to create a better dial plan. First, Call Centric doesn’t allow you to make unique dial plans to cater to how to route outgoing calls. Simply put, you need hardware, or a middleman service to do that. And if Commander Matt relies on a cellular phone, he is a hypocrite, because cellular companies have always charged you on a minute rate for making a toll free call. As for me using Callcentric to have made toll free calls – I never did.

My VOIP provider should always be Free SIP IN, and Free SIP OUT. What no suggestions from the all knowing Commander Matt. First, most free SIP providers will only provide free SIP to SIP calls. Connecting to a PSTN service is not so free. You know who gives free calls to PSTN in the United States, Canada, and iNUM (which no PSTN provider I know offers). Google Voice. To receive an incoming call from a PSTN service, you need a PSTN number. For those that don’t know what PSTN is, consider this a telephone number.

Provider should peer with SIP Broker. Meanwhile, it was just recently that SIP Broker has cleaned house, and removed all of the providers that have been inactive for long periods of time. And we are back to the problem above and that is SIP Broker does nothing in regards to PSTN connections.

Google Rapes your privacy. No Shit Mr. Matt State the Obvious. You know who else does? Every single for profit company out there. If you set up your warranty with your product you bought, or you have premium television, internet services, store discount or loyalty cards, you are bending over and taking it. If you use a credit card, ATM card, or write checks, just say ahh baby. Bought a shirt with “insert your favorite company/product/team here” plastered across your chest. You just got your wallet raped idiot. You paid that company to advertise their product. Oh, and your email address being at – just go on and take it baby.

My choice of voicemail being Google Voice rather than YouMail. So, let me get this straight. Google gives a service to profit from your privacy, but YouMail is doing it because they have unlimited resources, and just want to stick it to the man? They offer their service for free to. So, either you are a hypocrite, or just too stupid to know better.

Outgoing too high – having one provider is foolish. Yes, because that is what everyone that I communicate wants to have is a choice of 10 – 15 different telephone numbers to reach me so I could save a penny. In the US, people have one telephone number for me. When I call people, they see that one telephone number. You see, I do this because I am a complete fool.

Legacy SMS provide by SIP. Not always. And I am not one of those people that act like I am mute or hearing impaired. To me, SMS is used as a tool. It will relay information when it makes more sense to send an SMS rather than voice. Some suggestions include telephone numbers, addresses, URLs, and such. Carrying a conversation over SMS is not my preferred method of communication.

There are genius free options for 911. I would have to assume he meant genuinely free options. And no, there isn’t. You see the FCC charges a fee for 911. This is to help fund the 911 system. Someone is paying your 911 fee or you are lying. provides outgoing calls with no CID delivery. He failed to mention that free calls only apply to, iNUM (+883), and SIPBroker. PSTN calls are extra – at least that is what says.

Free Video calls. You have to buy the hardware of course. Oh, wait my Nexus 4 has a front side camera. It’s a miracle. uses less battery consumption. Yes, they simply sprinkle your phone with magical pixie dust.

I should get myself a PBXinaFlash system, and learn IAX dialing rules. Another option is buy an ObiHai 100 or 202. I also should buy a premium SIP Sorcery account. Well, since the 3 years, I have an ObiHai 100. That suggestion is a little more than month late. That kind of happens when you try to degrade someone on a 3 year old post. PBXinaFlash – while the software is free, you should have a dedicated system for an IAX. You know, that is what I need in my 1BR apartment is a complete IAX system to do something the Obihai and Google Voice does well. As for SIP Sorcery, I had tried them, and didn’t have satisfactory results. There is also the CID relay issue too.

I am foolish because I rely on Google Voice and GMail. I need to stop whoring my privacy. Now, he is just beating a dead horse. He already noted this, and I already replied to this. As for using GMail, I pay for my hosting, and that includes my email services. If Commander Matt was to actually take the time see what my email address is, it has nothing to do with Google. And again need I repeat my thoughts with YouMail, and But it is obviously that they aren’t doing anything with the information you give them.

As of Today

As of today, I still use Google Voice, yes I am still whoring my privacy out. GTalk allows me to make a free call anywhere in the US, Canada, or iNUM. This means much more than all of the free options you offered. I returned to my CallCentric account, and they offer a free NY number with incoming allowance. The only time that line is used is to make 411 calls (ad-supported), 911 calls ($1.50 fee requires that the call is carried with no additional charge), and if someone was to use my home phone to call me and my slutty Google Voice Number. As for my slut of a number, people have one telephone number, and that is all they need. It rings my home or my cell as I see fit.

And for Commander Matt

Really, I do not need to say more. If you are going to try to degrade someone with your pointless comments. As for me failing to exploit +883 numbers, I would be more than happy to use them. The problem is not enough people use them. Most people I know are not technically savvy and feel that their current systems work fine. So, rather than giving you a hard on on having a flame war with you on 3 year old blog postings, I placed your issues up where everyone can read what has transpired, and allow them to make decisions based on the facts at hand. However, there are a number of issues you brought up and failed in the facts while you promoted free services under the guise that another free provider is truly free when Google Voice wants to as your words rape you. Commander Matt, if you want to play the big boy game, don’t cry to mommy when you get bruised. Now have your milk and cookie and take your nap.