December 2016

This month was more than most months I have. An acquaintance that really likes to have Malak to come and visit broke her hip, and was in the hospital for a time. Because of buses, I wasn’t able to take a part-time under the table job – which I guess is just as well. Malak has been resisting on using the treadmill which may mean he won’t get as much exercise as he should. I guess if I had foresight, I wouldn’t have spent the $200 on a credit line to get it.

I also received an email from TelNIC which is in charge of the registry and hosting of .tel domains. They are making some changes which includes allowing them to be hosted with other companies, and no longer supporting sub-domains. For the catered nature of .tel domains, I am not in agreement with either option. Obviously, if someone hosts their .tel outside of TelNIC, they will likely have sub-domain support, however – this could dismiss the reason why .tel domains served a role. Now they are just like any other domain. And for those that don’t know what a sub domain is – an example will be frank in

Because of TelNIC, I will have to do a number of changes which most are ready for the actions that TelNIC will do in mid March 2017. I will be keeping, although this has been reduced to the root domain option that TelNIC will enforce for those that will be remaining with them. In addition, I acquired which is intended to provide resource and information regarding the telephone number, and the phone associated with it. This will include any IM services that are connected with the phone as well as the alternate telephone numbers. These used to be 2 sub-domains under As for, I was initially considering allowing that to expire. However, I have instead decided to host this through my current hosting provider, and use XHTML pages on each sub-domain to try to mimic some of the effects of the current setting.

On the 17th, my youngest sister invited me and Malak to a party. While I am not normally one for parties, we went nonetheless. It was good, but the pain, and issues I have with crowds made the end of the party a bit overwhelming. I spent most of the next couple of days in bed because of it. This was expected as soon as I started to notice the significant numbers that were there. It was nothing about the people. Everyone was friendly or neutral, just me with crowds, and the pain.

I had reactivated my Facebook account, and dropped everyone that never made any effort to reach out to me. I am sure I offended some people, but if such people chosen to try to be a part of my life, then their feelings will matter to me. I am sure that one that plays Devil’s Advocate will say they didn’t know how to reach you, my answer to that is on Facebook, I made my telephone number and .tel domain known. Also, a Google Search for my name will likely bring of one my websites on the first page. The people I removed have no real interest to be a part of my life, for real or virtually.

I am also considering adding Cricket to my bills. Right now, I am using about 400 – 500MB of data on my smartphone, and the free 200MB from FreedomPOP will not cut it. I will eventually run out of reserve data. I have two options. One, I could pay $28 for 1GB of data, and rollover with FreedomPOP, or two, I could get Cricket with 1GB of data and unlimited voice for $30, and pay $8 to keep what data I have left with FreedomPOP. The FreedomPOP SIM will then be inserted into another device. I am strongly considering option 2, and if so – I will get the service activated in week 1 of January. This will put a hamper on my aggressive attack of my debt, but only about $25/month. People in my Primary group will ring Cricket, while most people will still ring Life Wireless. I can then elect to disable the Life Wireless SIM when I can’t or don’t want to be bothered.

On Christmas, an acquaintance invited me to his home for dinner. The crowds that increased was a bit much, but for the most part, it was good. Only was able to stay a couple of hours though. He asked for me to call him the next day, which should be of little issue. The last week of the month was hectic with me having to see a doctor one last time, an errand that needed to be done, getting a prescription filled, and adding funds to my transit card.

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