December 2017

Very little occurred in the last month of the year. Since the winter so far has been mild, I had been able to walk Malak. The first week – nothing happened with exception of getting a couple of groceries at the closest grocery store. The younger of the two sisters sent me some SMS messages, and as normal with her, abruptly stopped.

However, the second week – I had two appointments, both of which went as expected. One of the appointments, I had to get new prescriptions sent to my pharmacy which will be filled at the end of the month. Little else happened on the second week.

The third week, both I and Malak went to an acquaintance’s apartment for dinner. This person also asked me to help her get presents online. She gave me the money, so there was no loss nor risk to me.

The fourth week, I went to get my prescriptions and went to an acquaintance’s apartment for Christmas dinner. Otherwise, I just watched a couple of videos.

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