I have two computers. I have a desktop that I bought in 2021, and I have a notebook that I bought in 2019. Both computers serve a purpose and a role. Both computers were built by Apple, so I am running MacOS. 

The reason I bought my M1 iMac was to have a computer for when my notebook misbehaves. There has been times that it would randomly shut down, and while I got it fixed, the notebook is only used when I am out and about. The iMac has 16GB of memory and a 2TB SSD for storage. This was the maximum configuration I could do with this computer. The iMac has a full size keyboard with a numeric keypad, and a Apple Mouse. I chosen the mouse over the touchpad as I work with a mouse better than a touchpad. 

The second computer is my 2019 MacBook Air which is running with 16GB of memory and a 1TB SSD. At the time I purchased the machine, this was the maximum configuration. At the time I bought the PC, it was intended to be my primary PC. The computer started having problems in 2020/2021 which I had gotten fixed after buying the desktop PC. The computer is now used for when I go out. When the need arises that I need to connect to the Internet, I would use my iPhone as a modem for the notebook, and connect to the Internet that way.