I have three phones. Each one serves a role and purpose. Even though I have three phones, I only give out one telephone number. This is to allow for call management to be done through a smart forwarding service which in this case is Google Voice

The first phone is an Ooma HD3 which is the home phone. This phone is used when important callers call me. Such will include my doctors, apartment management, and if I had a significant other – her as well. I rarely make outgoing calls from this phone though, so it is typically for incoming calls. 

The second phone is an Apple iPhone SE. This phone uses Life Wireless as my service provider, and is used for the doorbell system, or if I needed to make a call related to the home only (such as ordering a pizza). The reason for this is I can turn off the phone when I don’t want to be bothered by people trying to get in the building. 

The third phone is an Apple iPhone 12 Pro. This phone uses Visible as my service provider and rings only when contacts call me. In addition, I have the phone set up where an unknown caller calls my Visible number directly, the phone will not ring. This is useful as I don’t have to worry about being SPAMed on my Primary phone.