I have 3 phones, and 1 fax machine. The fax machine is my home network printer which has faxing capabilities. More information on the printer can be found on the Printers Page. The reason for three phones is to have 4 phone lines, one for the home and three cellular.

The home phone is an Ooma HD3 cordless handset which is connected to an Ooma Premiere account. The phone has a color LCD screen to show actions, and act as a CID unit. The phone contacts are added through the management website.

The second phone is my Pixel 3a XL which hosts my cellular phone line with Google Fi. This is the number that most people know, and the one that I had the longest. This is the telephone line that is on my contact cards, but all phone lines are on my contact directory. In addition, there is another line, but this line is primarily for data services. Therefore, the telephone number rarely gets used.

The third phone is an iPhone SE which hosts my Life Wireless phone line. This functions as a secondary phone. If for example, someone needed to borrow the phone, they would use the iPhone. Also, if something was to happen to my primary cellular phone, I have a backup that I could fall back on.