On a normal basis, I use an iPhone 12 Pro exclusively. This phone has two lines (Visible + Mint Mobile). I give people my Google Voice number which then they will ring my phone based on calling rules within Google Voice. Unknown callers will be redirected to my Mint Mobile line. I do this so I can either disable my Mint Mobile line (the carrier will see my phone as off), and I can set calling time rules for that phone line. This gives excellent control over how unknown callers will ring me. 

When a known caller calls my Google Voice number, they will ring my Visible line. Also select people also have this phone number which they will likely ring rather than my Google Voice number. This is also so they can send SMS messages which I don’t have the Google Voice app installed on my phone, I don’t get SMS going to my Google Voice number. In that regards, those people will send SMS to my Visible Number. 

I also have a Google Pixel 3a XL which hosts my Life Wireless line. The reason why I don’t use this line is because I couldn’t get call forwarding to work properly on the line, and I don’t like how they handle voicemail. With that in mind, if someone wanted to use my phone while I am out, they will use that phone.

On a last note, I have an iPhone SE (v2) which is a backup phone. If something was to happen to my iPhone 12 Pro, I will move the SIMs to the iPhone SE until I can get the 12 Pro repaired or replaced. This phone currently sits in its box and waits to get used.