I currently have two printers. The first one is a color laser printer with fax capabilities. The second is a label printer. Both printers are used as needed to accomplish a goal. Both printers are used on a regular basis.

The laser printer is an HP Laser Jet Pro M479FD. This is a multi-function center with all of the capabilities a modern printer has. I can make copies, faxes, prints, and scans. The printer has a USB port to allow printing and scanning of files that would be on a thumb drive. The printer is also capable of doing faxes, but currently, I am using eFax to reduce on paper waste.

The second printer is a Brother Label Printer. This printer has to connect directly with the PC which I acquired a USB-B to USB-C cable for this reason. The printer just prints labels which is usually used when I have to use the postal mail service.