Do You Have a Spare Printer?

A few days ago, I had went and bought a new network printer. This printer also serves as a basic photocopier, and network scanner. However, there is nothing wrong the old printer with the exception of a damaged output tray which does not hamper the printer.

To help my brother’s family, I would be taking the older printer to their house. Once it is set up, it would be able to allow either of the two computers to print, as well as my notebooks. This is because as with the new printer, the old printer is a wifi network printer. And since both are Lexmark, and my desire to unify, both also uses the same type of ink cartridges.This would allow me to buy in bulk, although my brother and his girlfriend would have to contribute to theirs, but it would allow me to acquire dual packs cheaper than if I just bought two with different code numbers.

I am sure the printer would be used for fun, but at least it could also be made available for Alexis and Gage to print their homework if any of it is done on the PC. This would make it easier for them to do. And since the printer is a wifi printer, it could be placed within anywhere in the house. This would allow them to have a unified place that they could simply print, and grab as they walk out. It would also allow the family to print directions, or other documents.

The only condition is that they give me the used cartridges so they can be recycled properly. I send the used cartridges to Lexmark, and for every 5 sent, I would get a free cartridge. I think it would only be fair considering the cost of wifi printers.

I will also leave the printer drivers there, so any additional PCs that would access the network would have the option to access the printer after the drivers installed. Most likely, I would burn a copy of the disc for them so the original can be kept safe.

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