Don’t Drop My Box

I am sure that there is already a high user count of Drop Box users, or at least people that heard of it. However, there still might be some people that don’t know what it is, how it works, and why I recommend it. First, Drop Box is a Cloud Based Storage syncing service. With a program or app on major smart phone and desktop Operating Systems, the program can grab all of the respective files, and sync them. Therefore, if you take a picture on your smart phone that syncs with Drop Box, that picture will be on your personal computer (provided there is an internet connection).

Now, there is a copy on all respective systems, as well as the Drop Box Server. There is a limit of free space which varies, and there are premium services which adds to the free space. This means you can make Drop Box a second Hard Drive, although that is a little tricky to do that, and I personally wouldn’t.


The good is it is a reliable service. There are some gimmick ways to get more people, and get more involved with your social life, but this is completely up to you. You can get a maximum of 16GB by recommending friends. This is in increments of 500MB per friend, and they have to install the Drop box program on a desktop PC for the credit to be given.

The service makes life easier. As long as all of the devices are internet connected, you can essentially replace the thumb drive, and FTP downloads. You would just make sure the files are in the Drop Box folder, and they are everywhere that you have access to the account. There is also a way to make certain files public, but I don’t always see this as a good thing.


2GB is what you would get if you do none of the gimmick tricks to get more storage. If one wanted to keep in sync with a lot of folders, this may not be enough. This is especially the case when services like Box offers 5GB free. In addition, Google Drive gives you 5GB as well, but it would seem as if songs or up to 20,000 songs are not counted. In a matter of fact, most of the competitors offers 5GB for free when compared to 2GB from Drop Box.


The gimmicks has conditions. You can link with Twitter or Facebook, but must give permissions to post as you. To me, this is simply put – an uneasy road. Drop box could theoretically post as you saying that “I worship Drop box as the supreme god of all storage cloud services. Without them, I will loose the will to live.” This message even fits in the 140 character limit with Twitter. I will like to hope that Drop Box won’t do that, but they can, and you allowed it. You can revoke privileges, but the damage may already be done.

In addition, while the referral system can be done with a link (which I like), the person signing up must install the program on a desktop based PC. In this month alone, I recommended one person with a 10 year old PC that has seen better days. It sometimes takes 15 minutes for it to boot up, and most of the people uses a school PC with a home student that has restrictions preventing software to be installed.

Another person has a computer that is on its last leg, and even with me doing what I can for it, Drop box isn’t likely to be installed. However, both people still uses drop box. The first person probably has all of their photos uploaded to Drop box, while the other had files handled via a web interface. However, since none of them as of yet has installed the Drop box program on a personal computer, I am 1GB less than what I should have. Keep in mind, that their biggest competition – offers 250% more, and when it comes to storage – bigger is always better.

They want to hear your boasts. If you send them a 90 character message, you get extra space (hadn’t tried it yet). I won’t be surprised if there was some condition with that as well.


Drop box has been the one service I hadn’t had problems with. I had problems with, and there is no free app. Google Drive seems to give problems with XP PCs. Drop Box has been reliable on all of the important Windows Systems. So, is it right for you. In my opinion, for most basic users – yes. There is an enterprise version, and you can go up to 500GB for $50/month, but this replaces the need for thumb drives in most scenarios.

The problem is that they should at least go up to 5GB of free storage with the normal options to upgrade. It would also be good if they offered more low income friendly packages such as $1/month per 10GB.


I am an active  and regular user on the free option (as of 2012-10-28), and compensation is provided by Drop Box in the form of Storage when some one goes to the special link, and installs a desktop program. I received no monetary compensation for the review of Drop Box, and there was no pre-arranged agreement on compensation either in finances, or services before posting this review. Drop Box can be acquired by going to (500MB conditional compensation).

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