Dropping Yahoo

As of October 1, 2014 – I will be ceasing operations with Yahoo. For those of the most concern, this will mean that I will no longer be using Yahoo Messenger. There are a number of reasons, but to keep things simple, Yahoo is no longer relevant in my life. The only product or service I have put to some valid use with Yahoo is Yahoo Messenger. And with the fact that I can not seem to get my initials with Yahoo, it is not even a matter of keeping the identity for the sake of unified identification.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail hasn’t been used for nearly 5 years. At this time, I have pushed all of my attention to using my pilone.name email address which I own the domain name. In instances where using frank@pilone.name is not feasible, I have been providing my GMail Account. In addition, with Yahoo’s email service – there is no option to use a standard IMAP or even a POP compliant email account. There is no forwarding, and only a web based mail service is available. Yes, I could install an Android App, but the last time I tried to integrate Yahoo with my mobile devices, the apps were buggy and considered as inferior. Yahoo does (or did) offer a premium POP3 compliant service, but I am not paying extra for a service I already pay for somewhere else that is superior.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger was the only service I used regularly. However, this service as become unreliable. One could blame my internet connection, but considering I can handle streaming 720p video, it is not the Internet Service. Therefore, if the only service I used regularly has proven unreliable, there is no point in wasting my resources relying on it.

All Other Services

Simply put, I don’t use any other service. I used to offer answers with Yahoo Answers, but this became more of a chore rather than a charitable act of adding my insight. And no, I don’t use Flikr.

What Next?

If you relied on my Yahoo Mail Account, that is your wrong doing. Anyone that wrote to that account would have been notified to use my regular email account. For those that communicated with me via Yahoo Messenger, you should consider going to http://im.fsp.tel/ to find alternatives in reaching me. I support BBM (on my Nexus 5), SMS, and WhatsApp, Google Hangouts (aka: GTalk), and Skype (Desktop Only). This site will also provide for other contact details that I provide publicly.

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