Dynomighty Mighty Wallet

This is a review of the Dynomighty Mighty Wallet. This is not a technology device, so it will not appear in my tech blog. I bought this wallet because despite my deepest desires, I have to carry multiple cards, and sometimes cash. If I have to carry multiple cards, and sometimes cash, I want to carry it in something that will keep everything together, and less likely to be lost. I also don’t want something that is bulgy. The wallet is made of Tyvek which is used as building wrap, and those especially durable envelopes one will find with USPS Priority and Express package envelopes.

To make things clear, this is Not a sponsored post. Dynomighty did not send this wallet to me for review. I purchased the wallet with my own money, and Dynomight has no influence over the results of this post. The wallet was $15 + $2 for postage tracking. This is ship from US to US and in US currency.

The Good

The wallet is 100% recyclable, and made with 25%+ post consumer product (recycled). The material expands as the design allows for such. The material is waterproof which is nice considering it has the feel similar to paper. Tyvek while the texture and thickness of paper is actually plastic fiber strands. This makes the paper like material very durable and will only be realistically expected to rip if the edge been penetrated with a cut or tear. With expected reasonable care, this wallet will last a long time, although with the texture of paper, the design is literally printed on the material. They even allow for custom designs at a premium cost.

The Bad

Probably the biggest gripe will be the price. This is a basic wallet, and nothing too special about the features. You could get a similar wallet for about $5, and this wallet will set you back at $15 or more. There are other models of wallets that are $25 or more. The manufacturing process is in the US, but again – it is still a high cost. One might suggest the cost being to Tyvek, but this might be the case if they were buying at the consumer level. Being a primary product, I am sure they are getting mass rolls of the material rather than buying an 9 × 12 double sheet for $1.00. The $2.00 tracking is also an issue. They implied that there is no guarantee that your wallet will get there without that, and their FAQ recommends that you get the $2.00 tracking. If it is so damn important, why not include it? I am sure that the price of the wallet will raise $5 to include the $2.00 tracking charge, but still – just include it!

The Ugly

They have a slot pocket that goes the entire width of the wallet. In my opinion, if the middle was closed to make two fully functional pockets rather than one large pocket using the closed fold of the wallet as an artificial barrier would have made more sense to me. And for $15 on the wallet, it would have been nice to have an RFID barrier built into the wallet.


I love the concept. This is a 100% environmentally responsible approach to something many people use. However, as a person who lives on a low fixed income, I will find it hard to swallow the price tag. The wallet is a high price, and with that in mind – makes a defect.

This wallet is available on Amazon. If you are OK with paying $15 for a $5 wallet, you can get a tracking code with your Amazon purchase. I really want to like this wallet, and if I lived in a financial state where I had more discretionary funds, maybe the bad will just be an ugly. This is my thought though.

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