What Apps are On Your Phone?

I have an iPhone 12 Pro, and beyond the standard iOS apps, I don’t put much on my phone. This is to keep things simple in my life.

For communications, I use Duo, Mint Mobile, Visible, and WhatsApp. Duo is Google’s idea of FaceTime. WhatsApp is a messaging/chatting app. Mint Mobile, and Visible allows me to manage my accounts with the respective services.

For finance, I have my banking app, and Google Pay. I use Google Pay for my loyalty card. For productivity, I use Google Keep which allows me to create notes on either the phone or PC. 

Next, I have the MyUPMC app which is the medical service I use with most of my doctors. I also have Twitter which I keep connected with certain companies, and this allows me to get notices that may be important to know. 

There are a couple of other apps, but not really worth mentioning. The ones I mentioned gets most if not all of my attention.