What Apps are On Your Phone?

Beyond the apps that come standard on a Pixel 3a XL, there are a few additional apps I installed. I am not one to install apps just to have them. Everything on my phone is either included in the phone, or has a purpose.

The first app on my phone is AllPoint. This app is an ATM locator for my Capital One Checking Debit Card. AllPoint is a free network of ATMs. The second app is my Capital One Banking app. This app allows me to keep tabs on my checking, savings, and a credit card account.

Next is Google Fi. This app integrates with my cellular carrier, and allow me to edit basic features of my account, and allows me to see how much data I used (since I am billed per GB). Next is Google Hangouts which is an Instant Messenger app, but will likely be uninstalled when Google shuts down Hangouts for private consumers.

Next is iSyncr. This app allows me to sync iTunes Music with my Android phone. While some people might think it might make more sense to get an iPhone, I have a number of reasons I prefer a good quality Android phone. With this in mind, I just use iSyncr when I add new songs to the playlist it syncs with.

Next is My Account for my Comcast account. This app allows me to see my account, and do very basic changes or adjustments. Typically, I use this app to make sure my bill is paid on time.

Next is Twitter ( @fsp ) app. This app allows me to keep current with people or businesses I follow. I do NOT have Facebook, nor Instagram. I also don’t intend on connecting with those social networks.

As for IM services, other than Hangouts ( frankp1973 ), I also have Skype ( fsp412 ), and WhatsApp ( +1 412 253 2956 ). Yes I know WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and this will be the closest I go to the Darkside.