What Utilities Do You Pay?

There are a few utilities I pay for. All but one is discounted due to my circumstances. The three utilities are electric, phone, and Internet.

Electric is provided by Duquesne Electric Company. My bill is normally $15/month with me being on the CAP program, and usually not having lights on. Although, I do use electricity for things such as the refrigerator, charging my devices, playing music, and watching some TV. I also use it for the computer. When composing pages, or other typing from written documents, I will have the light on.

Next is Internet. My service provider is Comcast with theirĀ Internet Essentials. I pay $10/month. If I had a choice, I would rather have Verizon FiOS as you can plug directly into a router, but that isn’tĀ 

Next is my phone. I use Visible for my cellular and Ooma for my home phone. Both service together is about $60/month.