February 2017

This month could have been better, but one can’t complain. With the month being warmer than most Februaries – Malak was able to get more walks. Started to see a new therapist for my social anxiety, however he hasn’t given any recommendations other than what was recommended before with the pain psychologist. Still have yet to have a new psychiatrist.

On some other news, I have been having problems with my cellular phone. I think I will stop buying Blu Products since anything I seem to buy from there never meet my expectations a few months later. Considering that Pixel (successor to Nexus) is so expensive, I might have to look for alternatives. However, my plans do not allow me to replace my current phone; so I have some time yet.

Speaking of plans, my one credit card which I have been concentrating my financial efforts on since late last year has been paid. As the month went on – the only charges that went on the card was automatic recurring bills which were paid for once they processed. This means that there will be no interests on that card. I also had to re-certify for my income status with Nelnet for my student loan forgiveness. This was done and mailed off.

Very little happened in the way of communications. There was a little bit of SMS with 2 different people, but these ceased relatively quickly. My brother called once to wish me a happy birthday, and made mention of stopping down. However, that never came to fruition. Not much else otherwise happened.

One thing I will like to note is if anyone read my previous post on my war against my debt, one will know that I will expect to pay off one of my debts. This will be my Walmart account which had fluctuated throughout the months. Especially in the area of electronics, I hadn’t been too satisfied. While I will keep the account alive, I don’t see me using the account in the future. Although, I am hoping that I won’t have to rely on any credit line starting next year. Oh well, there is my life in the month of my 44th year of existence.

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