FedEx Saving the World – 4 Vans at a Time!

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OKay, while this is a good start, let’s face it, really just 4 electric vans? I personally would found it to be more impressive if there was enough to make a dent into their current fleet. Maybe 5%, or even 1% would have been good, but just four vehicles? For there to be a 1% of the fleet, there would have to be 400 delivery vehicles in the fleet, and we all would guess there is way more than just 400.

So, what would this mean? Well, hopefully this is just a test run. However, with the fact they can run 100 miles on an over night electric charge would not likely be for the door to door deliveries, even though their form factor would suggest that.

So what does this suggest to me? Well, for now it seems more like a publicity stunt. However, if they start to roll out these vehicles a bit more, and have roof top solar panels to help hit go over the 100 mile limit, than I might be more impressed. However, the NY Times is right – this is the cutest electric vehicle I ever seen.

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