First Thoughts of the iPod Shuffle

Well, first – let’s address the regular iPod that I have. For the best way to explain it, it went to a better place. In the meantime, a replacement which would be an iPod Classic 120GB would cost about $250. This is for now out of my budget. However using my computer as a media player with the resource hog of iTunes 8, is simply not feasible. My option was to look into another media player, and one that would work with iTunes.

First, this iPod would be small, and most likely intended to be home. For the time being, my Blackberry is serving well enough for when I’m not home. The $150 iPod nano would not be a reasonable solution simply because at 4GB, this is too much. My solution would have been the Shuffle – at least until I can afford the Classic.

Well, I bought the Shuffle (1GB) from Radio Shack refurbished, and got 2 years protection on it. For the time being, it is intended to take the media demands off of the PC. If it is playing, than that means iTunes does not need to run on my PC.

Well, after a few problems, I got it working. I set up a play list just for the iPod being at 975MB which would give it enough space to store about 8 hours of music. I could probably store more, however I like higher than 128k quality on my music. Since there is only 8 hours of music, this would be a small problem. Simply put, I would like at least a day’s worth. So when need be, I would sync a new play list with the Shuffle, hopefully before I would have to do anything.

For example, I would sync before I go to bed. I won’t use it at night, so it would be ready and waiting in the morning. If I am going to do errands in the morning, this would be less time the iPod would run. Once the music finishes playing, I would plug it in, and most likely would also download any podcasts, and spend some of the time watching those. After which, I would then have a new collection of music to work with.

While it would serve for the time being as a basic player, it is by no means anything to compare to. My phone beats out the iPod simply because of storage and a screen. I just don’t want to consume my phone as a media player. However, I am in disfavor of the limited play time, and worse, the fact you can not charge and use the iPod at the same time.

Even when I do finally get a new real iPod, the shuffle would remain mostly as a backup player, or something to run at night time. I personally feel that out of all of the iPod, the shuffle has nothing of real use value. It is great for the basic person who wants something cheap, but I am expecting the days of the Shuffle are limited. And if my assumptions are wrong, well they should be.

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