Gangsta Comcast Gonna Bust a Cap in Your Data

According to CNET’s Buzz Out Loud on the 29th of August, 2009 – Comcast would be capping Internet usage to 250GB. I know, many would say this is a lot, and it is – however it may not serve some families, and it is what Comcast would do if you exceed your cap. This is because the United States Federal Government says that ISPs are legally not allowed to throttle the connections to their paying customers.

So, now Comcast would would act like a spoiled brat who is not getting their way. So, what would happen? First time, Comcast would give you a warning. Second time, Comcast would suspend you from service for 1 year. Again, Suspend you the PAYING customer for 1 year. What does this mean. If Comcast is your only high broadband service, you would be SOL. This is why I am glad I am an advocate against Comcast’s policy.

So, why is this such a big deal. Well, let’s look at someone I know that has Comcast. This is a family of four with an additional couple. In addition, guests use the computers, and the Internet. In addition, there are two VOIP lines which is used often since there are 3 children, and two people that works. The children like to use You Tube which can consume 128kbps. This means that every minute consumes 1MB of service. In addition, a 128kbps MP3 song would consume 1MB per minute. Also your VOIP is at least 1MB per minute. Watching a Netflix video, you would spend twice as much. High definition downloads, or streaming is 10MB per minute.

Also, with viewing web pages can consume hundreds of kilobytes, and while there are 1 million kilobytes in a gigabyte, these add up. 15 pages with all of the graphics on them can consume a megabyte. In addition, Comcast is basically telling your customers to find your own metering software. Many routers do not have metering software, and there are going to be a number of devices that would not have metering software. Hardware VOIP services like Vonage or T-Mobile’s Hotspot calling will not be able to have metering software installed. People who are friends of the family who happen to have their own laptop should not be expected to have metering software, and report the usage. The only effective way of “monitoring” your metered bandwidth is at the router, or ISP.

And what is this deal that Comcast would suspend Internet customers for 1 year if they go over twice. We are not talking about non payment, or illegal activity, but this is suspension for using a paid service. Again, PAID service. You the customer pays for this service. Comcast does not offer a way to be charged for overages. This is like having a cell phone where they would say you have 2,500 minutes, but if you go over – we are going to forbid you from using your phone for the next year. Oh, and don’t worry – you are going to pay the $150 a month for your phone, but we don’t care that you are a paying customer. What makes matter worse, is Comcast because of the federal governments idiot policy of allowing cable companies monopolies makes it worse. Comcast maybe the only broadband provider in the area, especially if there is no 3G connection. And since cell phone carriers cap at 5GB, it is not much help. However, the cell phone line is not intended to be a family Internet connection. Cable Internet is.

Who is the idiot at the board in Comcast that came up with this concept. Comcast, the Internet is becoming more common place. HD content, music, streaming audio, and video is all a fact of life. Social networks, web sites, and email is commonplace. While the bandwidth is sufficient for most users, it is not future proof. Here, let me do some math for you especially since your accounting department can’t add two pennies with a calculator. If there is a season that a customer wishes to buy. That season has 25 forty-five minute episodes in high definition. Each minute is 10MB, therefore 45 minutes x 10MB = 450MB. I am a little off, because my ISP are not spoiled brats, and therefore I am OK with downloading content I paid for. So, now we have 25 episodes at 450MB a piece which = 11.25GB. This is 1 season. Now, let’s look at something else that more people are likely to do. Online Backup. Let’s assume there is a 100GB hard drive at 50% capacity. Just so you know, my hard drive is 160GB with 100GB filled. So the above scenario is really in your favor. If a full backup is done every two weeks, than the back up alone would consume 100GB. If there are 3 computers, than you would be punishing your customers. And with the idea of cloud computing becoming a reality where applications reside on the Internet only makes matters worse. If I was to do my normal activity, and have a biweekly full back up, than I would loose service in two months.

All of these concepts are perfectly legal. Quit punishing your customers, and quit getting stupid. I blame the US government. They allowed you – the cable industry to have monopoly, and you are acting like the universe revolves around it. It doesn’t Quit throwing a temper tantrum when someone slaps your wrist for doing the wrong thing. I can’t wait until Fiber Optic becomes commonplace and puts your in your place. I know this policy alone would definitely assure that I would never use your service even if I wanted it.

For Comcast customers, you have power. Complain, file letters, and write legislation. Refer people who have say to this page, and show them how potentially harmful this policy by Dumbcast is. If you can find a better provider, than go there. Stand up for yourself, and make Dumbcast change their tolitarian regime I am god concept of themselves. The bully would continue to beat you up of no one stands up to them.

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