Hades has Frozen Over

In a little more than one day on Comcast, and felt the need to spill my views on the matter. First, just because I have chosen Comcast does not mean I endorse or find them as a better alternative. For my situation, they are simply the lesser of two evils. To know why I have chosen Comcast, one should read Why I’m Leaving Verizon. However, Comcast has already caused problems. First, even before my installation, there was a billing problem, and hadn’t receive a notice of being charge the price I should be (a promotion of $30/month for 12 months). In addition, my modem (which is also an VOIP ATA and wifi-N router) has had problems with the installation where the technician spent longer than they should have, and I had connection problems which after about 45 minutes, finally logged into the modem directly and had to activate Wifi even though I had no desire to. Keep in mind, I will be paying $10/month to have this inferior product.

Throughout the day, there has been some internet hiccups, which I am hoping will subside over time. Technical support took 45 minutes to speak with me and was of no help. And obviously, as mentioned, I had billing problems even before installation. It sounds like the good ole’ days.

So what else do I have to look forward too? Well if I install an app for Wifi service, I can theoretically connect to any of Comcast’s Public Wifi Networks. However, so far, I have found this to be unreliable to the point it is not worth the effort. I do seem to have access to Web based television videos, but so far – it is from the Free Over the Air stations such as CBS, or NBC. I do have an email account, but my policy is to never use or provide my ISP’s email. This is simply because it is never permanently mine whereas the pilone.name domain is as long as I pay the registrar fee. Downloads has been tested at a respectable 25MBPS (close to the service connection I have), but uploads has been as low as 2MBPS which is appaling.

However, let’s face it – I don’t have much of a choice. I am lucky as I have a choice of 2 Broadband providers where most people in the US only has 1 or even none at all. This is what happens when the US tax payers pays to build out an infrastructure for a monopoly or in some cases a duopoly. So, what would make me go back to Verizon? Well, first I prefer Fiber Optic over coaxial. This among the problems I always had when dealing with Comcast (and from the basis of a start – will have again), is why I chose Verizon to begin with. This means that Verizon will just have to do right by me. Here is what Verizon will need to offer to make me consider going back to them.

  1. A reasonable non-contract price
  2. Refund my $40 Comcast Installation fee
  3. Reimburse the cost of the cable modem I will have to buy
  4. Give me an RJ45 connection so I don’t have to deal with their inferior router

This may sound like I am being unreasonable, but let’s look at the situation. First, if Verizon was willing to give me a price that I could afford, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. In addition, I wouldn’t have to go with Comcast, pay the installation fee nor have to buy a cable modem. And about 90% of the problems I had with Verizon revolved around their router, so by installing an RJ45 connection, I can solve 90% of the problems I expect to have. So, there it is. Comcast now knows what they have to do to assure to keep me (not give me billing problems, and provide real support), and Verizon now knows what they need to do to win me back. Since neither of these will likely happen, I will have no loyalty to either company as neither earned it.

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