Hopefully New Domains to Come

I had set forth a pre-registration for four domains. Two of them have been attempted through Name.com, while the other two have been attempted through Dream Host. A pre-registration is an attempt to acquire the domain names before they become available for the general public to acquire. And while I don’t know the intricacies of the system, I will like to hope it is based on priority and then first come – first serve basis. Even with this in mind, I am not guaranteed to win any of them. The domains are as follows:

  1. fsp.condos
  2. fsp.country
  3. fsp.rentals
  4. fsp.xyz


This will be part of my Big Ass What If Network of Sites in regards what I would do if I had the resources to build a condominium tower. This will be the most expensive of my domains, so if it will become too costly, it will not be renewed, and instead replaced with something that is cheaper, and not as unified. This domain is expected to become available on June 4 – 2014.


This will be another part of my Big Ass What If Network of Sites. This will be how I will rule a country. And while I have no country in mind, I will perceive for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a basis for demographics, land, and other considerations. Obviously, this will not be to imply that I feel that Pennsylvania should secede from the United States, but I have to have some basis, right?


As with the previous two domains, this will be a Big Ass What If Network of Sites, and obviously what I would do if I had certain buildings that I could make into apartments. Such an apartment building will likely try to make itself available to Section-8 recipients as it is typically them that have a very hard time finding quality places to rent. Obviously, this could be a sample for other property owners to consider.


This domain will be a base plan in developing other web sites either on a single sub domain level or on a domain level.  This will mean it will basically become a BETA Site. This will be especially important if I should have to do major changes on a current domain, or I am developing a new domain. One example might be using the fsp.xyz domain to build out fsp.country which the .country domain is due to come after the .xyz domain.

If not received?

If these domains are not acquired, I will not go into pushing for these domain gTLDs unless they will meet the name I am perfectly happy with. With the average registration of the new gTLDs hitting $40, having a hard to remember domain is not something I will want to do. In which case, I can simply acquire respective .com domains and pay a bit less. By pushing for domains that are using my initials, I have domains I am satisfied with rather than second or third options. Therefore, if I am going to have to utilize a second or third option, it will never be at the higher priced gTLDs.

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