I must Wait to Get Bigger

Recently, I purchased a 320GB hard drive to replace the 160GB hard drive I currently have. So, after fighting with a stripped screw on the mount for the 160GB hard drive, I placed the 320GB in the system. I tried to use a trial version of a cloning software, and found out I have to pay for the trial to allow it to do its job. So, I reinstalled Vista on the 320 to hopefully get it up and running, and would go on the Internet to get the needed drivers. However, most of the hardware including the network connections for the Aspire 5100 series requires drivers to work.

So, I turned off the PC, removed the 320GB hard drive, and installed the 160 again. I went on a mission to try to get my 160GB cloned to my 320GB. I tried Clonezilla with no success. I tried another that would not recognized the 320 that was sitting in a USB enclosure, and finally Norton Ghost Trial which would not do the reason why you would waste $70 on Norton Ghost.

So, now I placed an order for a recovery disc from Acer. In my stupidity, I forgot to note the apartment number, but in my defense, I almost always have things shipped to my PO Box. I wrote Acer to note my mistake, and asked if they can upgrade my shipping to Express. Otherwise, I may have to juggle days to try to be home when the disc comes. If they use UPS, I would not want this disc to be "found" by someone else as the hard drive could have been.

When I get the restore disc, I would install the 320 drive in my computer, and use the restore disc to restore my system back to its original state with the exception of the physical upgrades done on it. Once done, I would install all of the software I currently use for my PC, first being CA Anti-Virus.

The last software I would install would be Carbonite which is an online backup service. I would also try to again clone my system to a 250GB hard drive that I had with the old system. This should hopefully protect my investment of time in the future. I would then plug the 160GB which would sit in an hard drive enclosure and move all of my music, and personal files to the computer. Once I am satisfied that I have everything in its place, I would format the 160GB. Just because it is too small to be my primary hard drive can’t mean it won’t get to use. I just would never use it as a back up drive. That would be where Carbonite would come. Hmm, I could have 300GB of information that could be sent to a secured location on the Internet at any one time. Thank Goodness I don’t have Comcast!

Once my system gets upgraded, I would still try to keep the practices I been doing such as removing music I won’t like, and keeping my PC optimized. However, this would only be until I can eventually find and afford a 500GB drive. The reason why is I start saving, and looking when I reach past halfway. Maybe I am strange, but I don’t like to be constrained, especially when my PC is my life as far as what I do with it. Since I am currently at 100GB, it won’t be a too far of a stretch to assume I would hit 160 quickly.

Of course, if I do buy another hard drive (probably in a year or 18 months), I would also buy a hard drive enclosure so I could assure that I would be able to make use of the 320 that a 500GB+ would replace. Yes people, I know – there are 1TB drives, and even 1.5TB. However, these are desktop hard drives which would never fit in a notebook PC. 500GB is the larges I seen, and I would have bought that, but they ran out of stock, and couldn’t find any at a reasonable price.

If I should have to reinstall my system, I would focus on the restore disc, than Carbonite. From there, I should be able to get a relatively up to date back up. It would cost me $50/year, but I feel it would be worth it.

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