I Will Be Blu No More

There was a time when I needed a dual SIM phone. The reason of this is because I cancelled my service with T-Mobile (due to costs), and pushed to rely on my Lifeline service for voice calls. However, at the time, data service was not included into the Lifeline service. I therefore had to use my lifeline SIM for voice calls, and my FreedomPop SIM for data services. This required that I have a dual SIM phone.

Thankfully, in January of 2017, Life Wireless (my lifeline provider) offered a new plan with 500 minutes, and 500MB of data with their Lifeline program. Now, I continued to use a Blu phone only because I didn’t want to have to do a massive load of updates on my only phone I had not from Blu. However with the problems I had with Blu, I given up on them completely.

I had about 5 phones from Blu, and every one of them had some problem or another, and half of the time, tech support was non-responsive, and even when they did responded – it was always someone else’s fault of why their produce was a failure. My last phone was the Blu R1 HD which 4-5 times a day, I had to turn my Bluetooth back on. Also, anytime Bluetooth was to be used consistently (such as headphones), the phone will drop and refuse to connect – at times forcing me to remove the bluetooth item, and try to pair it again.

In mid April 2017, I given up on Blu. I pulled out my Nexus 5 which is nearly 4 years old, updated all of the apps, and set the APN for my Life Wireless so I can connect it to the Internet. The phone will suffice for now, and will be my fallback phone when I can acquire a better phone. The reason I just don’t use it exclusively is the model I have only has 16GB of storage with no micro-SD, and ¾ of it is used for music.

In late April, I put myself into debt a little more, and will be paying $27/month for the next 18 months for the Motorola Moto Z Play Edition (2016). This is a mid-range phone which meets my requisites such as NFC, and LTE. It also has more storage than my Nexus 5, and a Micro-SD card slot which can support up to 2TB. I will be installing an 128GB card I already own.

The moral of this posting, is if you buy a Blu phone, don’t expect to be happy with it 6 months later. And considering they have phones in the $400 range, you are likely better just buying other manufacturers. It is a shame I have to say this as they are a US company, but it doesn’t lessen the disgust and disappointment I have in them.

You can learn more about Blu devices by going to their website at http://www.bluproducts.com.

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