January 2015

New year, and new challenges. I was able to get my food assistance benefits corrected, but now they are about half of what they should be. This will mean that I will have to either push more money to my food budget, or decrease my food consumption. My income however went up $20 and waiting on the repercussions of that in other resources I have to rely on. As always, I will make due with or without. This is a simple fact of life. Since things can’t change, it is a matter of acceptance or not.

This will mean that the new domains acquired last year will likely expire. I will have to make some adjustments to what I can or want to do in life. In turn, I will try to be more active with Twitter, which will send posts to Facebook.This will help satisfy any one that has a desire to know now demand with life. I will continue working on my ACTA Plan site even though I hadn’t made my deadline. The keyword is my deadline.

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