January 2018

The first week of the month was pretty conventional. I managed to pay off my phone which is good. This means I only have my personal loan to pay off. I am expecting to have that paid off in April of 2018. I also did laundry which needed to be done. In addition, I was referred to Mon Valley Initiative for assistance in buying a house. I sent the referred to counselor an email, but as for the first week, I have yet to hear from him.

The second week, I spent a night at someone’s place. Didn’t sleep well while there. Also had a doctor’s appointment which went as expected. The third week, nothing much happened – the third week was a double-edged sword. Good news is I have no more debt. The bad news is I depleted my savings account to paying off the last of the debt. Will have to spend the next three months rebuilding my savings.

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