JLab 7 Pro–Final Review

The JLab 7 Pro in a word should be thrown in jail for fraud. It is a 7” tablet, but far from anything related to professional. First, let’s address why I made this mistake. I wanted to get a tablet for my 6 year nephew. Tiger Direct offered this tablet with a buy one get one free sale. This means the $70 tablet will be a 2 tablet purchase for that same price. Now, for a tablet that is 7”, I never expected much, but this is a serious understatement. Since my nephew is 6 years old, he is probably OK with it, but there is so much left to be desired.

The Good

OK, I try to find something good with anything I purchase and make a note of reviewing. So, here goes. It’s black. That means it is a neutral color. It also has an SD card slot (although limited to 32GB).

The Bad

First, the CPU is seriously underpowered. This is evident by the fact that it simply just stops doing very basic tasks such as playing basic MP3 audio files. It runs Android 4.4 which I am normally for the fact that it has a newer OS (when compared). However, there is only 8GB of storage, and to try to sync music from iTunes to the SD card has proven impossible. From my research, this seems to be an OS issue, but there should have been some foresight by JLabs.

The memory is only 512MB and with an inferior CPU, this tablet will choke more often then not when trying to do what should be considered as normal tasks. It has came to the point where I have only use it as a music player when everything else is synching. The screen is a scratch magnet. It never left home, and in turn stays in relatively one place with very little movement, and there is more scratches then I could care to count. I don’t care how cheap a tablet is, it needs to have basic scratch resistance, and if you can’t do that – you should not be making tablets.

The volume rocker is backwards, and I mean just that. If you press on the left rocker side, you would turn the volume up, where the right is lowering the volume. This is backwards from “EVERYONE ELSE”. Simply put, this is unacceptable. While this may not seem like a big deal you are going to adjust and either have muscle memory on one or the other.

The Ugly

I know this is a minor gripe, but I am calling it. For the love of the gods, aliens, science or whatever you believe in – these companies need to stop putting the charging port on the top. You are trying to be different, but this is not the way to do it.


Need a media player? Buy an iPod Shuffle. Need an Android Tablet, look elsewhere. Even if they brought the price down to $35 – it is not worth it. If you are looking at a sub-$200 tablet, then $35 is a significant difference. If you want to go Android, I would suggest putting that money to an Android Phone until you can save for an Android tablet. If you want a 7” device, then HP offers a Windows 8.1 tablet for about the price I was raped for on it. This action has led me to avoid anything from JLab ever again.

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