July 2016

The expired couch that has been an annoyance for 6 weeks was finally removed and taken for the trash. Will just have to deal with an old TV, and monitor. My brother said he will get it, but considering it took as long as it has for him to help with the couch, I hold very little hope. Republic Wireless has decided to not do any updates for their Motorola Moto G3 phones. Thier reasoning is that they want to focus on their new 3.0 plans and devices which is basically telling everyone to go F themselves. The phone will likely continue to function as a Wifi Phone, but if they have no intention on updating the phone because “F You”, then I have little reasoning in continuing to invest in Republic Wireless beyond just the Wifi Only Plan. It’s a shame that OEMs and carriers are allowed to do that to their customers.

Replaced my old phone with one that has Android 6.0 even though 7 is around the corner. From the company’s experience I had with them, I have little doubt that the phone will get any real update. I would much rather have a Nexus device, but there are no such phones with dual SIM. Using a 200MB SIM from FreedomPOP. They offer “voice/SMS” but this is through their proprietary software which means VOIP services. I will just be using the data for free which is again limited to 200MB.

Malak had a vet appointment on the 19th. I made arrangements with someone to drive me to the vet rather than trying to walk Malak and myself there. For the most part, the appointment went well. He got his rabies vaccination shot, and the vet found a little tartar on his teeth. It’s not a concern, but will need to be addressed in the future. Since he will need to be put under anesthesia for that, the benefits don’t outweigh the risks.

Had to get a project on the behalf of someone else accomplished. I did that all on one day. Went to the food bank, and the stress involved is becoming harder to tolerate. While I will benefit from the food, I don’t think I will be able to go in August.

At the end of the month, someone sent a friend request with Facebook. Don’t really know the person, but there is a mutual acquaintance, so I accepted for now. Informed her that I don’t use Facebook often, and gave her my Contact Directory. As with most people that ask to be “Facebook Friends”, I predict this will be of little value. Time will tell though.

Paid one of my credit lines off. This should mean that future bills and debts will be $20 less. That will be more money that will to my other debts. Still need to get a new PC, notebook, and tablet – all of which are either dead or on their last leg. Need to address the rest of my credit debt first. This task will take several months of basically giving everything I can in hopes I won’t use the credit lines.

Still trying to get ways of building a small group of friends. Was able to enroll in a private community center. I only went once so far, and it was hard. With not doing well with crowds, just getting to a tolerable environment is a challenge. It feels as if life is at a stand still, and I wake up looking forward to the day being over. Such is life (at least for me) I suppose.

A person that writes about once every few months decided to write. It seems as if this is much of my life as I don’t seem to have anyone reliable in my life. I am sure I am in some dump phase, but it seems as if just existing with nothing to ever look forward to is such a chore. Oh well, here’s to another month.

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