July 2017

The first week was hectic. First, I managed to consolidate all of my bills into one loan. This will hit me a bit, but will hopefully be able to reduce the stress of the debt I had – some being as high as 27%. Also, in the first week, I received my rent rebate which was transferred to my new checking account. I also had a couple of appointments and had to go to the community center to collect my food from their food bank.

The second week, I got my food stamps which of course – I used to get the majority of my food. I also took Malak in for his annual checkup. Because of everything beforehand, it was a bit hard on me. I made due as normally. I also changed ISPs from Comcast to Verizon FiOS. I am going to keep that as long as possible, however, I need it for at least 4 months, otherwise, the change will be for naught. The reason of the change is Comcast will not allow current customers to get Internet Essentials. Malak also got his annual checkup. He is 80lb of muscle, and relatively healthy for his age. The vet recommended fish oil capsules to help with any joint issues he might have in the future. He is at least 6 years old now, so that is a reasonable concern. As expected, he tested negative for heartworm.

In the third week, I got cleats on my shoes to help keep the soles from wearing away. I also went to speak with an adviser about options with home ownership. The person provided some help, but not as much as I would have wanted. Nonetheless, I made due. I spent the rest of the week recovering from the outings I had. The last week was very little to be done. My brother called in the last week. I reminded him of his actions, and he asked to come down. He and I had a serious adult conversation about boundaries, and expectations – however, I have little trust that he will respect them. If not, I will have to sever ties for good.

I have a therapist that had my appointment rescheduled a few times this month. My next scheduled appointment will be for the second week of August. If they reschedule again, I will tell them to just have the therapist make the appointment when he knows he will see me. In all honesty, the therapist has done very little to help with what he is to do.

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