July 2018

Not much happened this month. I wrote a few emails to a person, and kept up with Twitter. I am adjusting to the new phone I had for a little more than a month. As usual, I posted my thoughts about it which you could find at http://fsp.cc/1+6. The first week however was spent paying bills, transferring my rent rebate to my savings account, and taking Malak to the vet for his annual checkup.

The second week wasn’t very exciting. I received my food assistance benefits which I then went to the grocery store and bought most of the food I need for the month. As usual, I bought hot dogs, a few TV dinners, bread, coffee, and have some left over to handle the more perishable foods. I also went to the pharmacy to purchase Q-Tips.

The third week was pretty dull. Someone I deal with personally asked to borrow money which I lent it to them. I should expect to see that back on August 1. Otherwise, just walked the dog and lived each day. There have been a few days where I was exhausted, and got out of bed an hour later.

The fourth week had two appointments. Also, my pain clinic called and asked to reschedule my appointment for the 30th of July. I did so, and obviously went to that appointment. Not sure as to why they just didn’t keep the original appointment, but I made due nonetheless. Also got cleats on my shoes which were essential. An email correspondence that I got a few months ago still has a reliable communication with me which is good, and breaks the monotony of the day even though nothing interesting on my end happens.

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