June 2016

A bit of things happened this month. I have a couch sitting in the middle of my center room as I can’t get the help to move it out right now. I seen my anesthesiologist in which they replaced my NSAID that wasn’t doing much with another NSAID, and a muscle relaxant. I also am now being prescribed a new Anti-Anxiety medicine which will likely take a month for it to work.

I went to the food bank in the third Wednesday which is the only day they distribute. I got a good quantity of meat which is a good thing. Along with what I bought with food stamps, should hopefully support me through until my food stamps for July comes through.

Came across the knowledge that FreedomPOP is offering a SIM card option for their service. I wish this was available a couple of months ago before I went to Republic Wireless. While Republic Wireless offers unlimited minutes, and 500MB, I am also paying $20 per month in addition to monthly payments on the phone. If everything works out, I might be able to reduce my services, but it will depend on if FreedomPOP fixed their problems they had beforehand. Their free option only give 200 minutes, and 200MB. I can handle the minutes, and will have to conserve on the data which will likely mean I will push for more use on my LTE router. It will seem as if I am in a constant effort to keep my bills down. Just a few days after receiving FreedomPOP SIM, the data is slower than I would like, and the voice/SMS requires a proprietary app which means similar problems to before. My Republic Wireless phone is now a Wifi Only phone, and only a handful of people will be able to ring my cellular phone.

Hopefully, I will get my rent rebate in July. If so, I will be able to get Malak in for his Annual checkup (not able to go last year), with me just having to make sure I can get a ride. Walking such distances have been getting harder on me. What money is left will go to hopefully taking out one of my debts, and give me a little breathing room on the future months. Otherwise, just hoping the Buspirone will help.

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