June 2017

This month could have been better. I severed ties with my brother and his ex-girlfriend. If one was to talk to him, he would make it sound as if it was over one incident. In reality, it is over 20 years of misbehavior, and the incidents in question are just the straw that broke the camel’s back so to say. The first week also had an outing on the behalf of someone else, and two appointments – all of which took a bit out of me. Nonetheless, I made due as usual.

The second week – mostly was spent trying to reduce the issues of the first week. I did have to go to the grocery store. The upstair’s neighbor passed her responsibility for the cat on to me. I already changed my passphrase, and will no longer allow her to have access to my network. I am sure she will not be happy about it, but I care not. As for the kitten, the cat went to animal control

The third week, I went to a community center to collect the food from their food bank. One of the staff there asked for my assistance with something which I helped. Also had to go to the bank to make a deposit which will be transferred to the new bank account. Also terminated my Facebook Account, and it seems as if one person is insistent on communicating via Facebook, so I guess I won’t hear from them as must.

The fourth week of the month was spent trying to recover from the previous weeks. I went to the community center to get the food from the food bank which was done later than normal. I also applied and received a debt consolidation loan which will reduce me to a minimum payments of $135/month, but will be hoping to put in twice that amount. I also had issue with a company trying to collect on an 18 year old debt. This will not be paid as I was under the impression that I didn’t owe, and therefore had no need to think of it for 18 years.

The last couple of days was spent waiting for my benefits so I could pay my bills. I will expect my rent rebate to come in the first week of July rather than the first. It will take another few days to transfer to the new account. However, this is all for another post.

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