June 2018

Not much happened this month. I had problems with my Moto Z Play1 where the headphone jack and the moto mod pins weren’t working properly. An acquaintance asked if they could have it, which I agreed to it. I however needed a new phone, and I opted for the One Plus 6 which one could read a review on it.

When acquiring the One Plus 6, I added a cellular plan. Since this is a dual SIM phone, I have the newer carrier (with unlimited minutes) in SIM and is default for making calls. My Lifeline provider is in SIM 2 which I have it set to where unknown callers will ring that SIM so the service can remain active. In addition to acquiring a new service provider, I bought a case for the phone to help protect it from bumps, and an accidental drop.

I managed to make an appointment for Malak’s annual physical which is scheduled in the first week of July which is ideal for me. The appointment will be located at the Northside office, and the acquaintance that took over my old phone will be driving Malak and I to the appointment. This however won’t be until July.

I had two appointments this month. The first one was with my pain psychologist which the appointment ended early due to nothing to talk about. The second was an annual physical with my PCP which went as expected. Not much else otherwise has happened. I am expecting July to be a little more intense as I will have the vet visit and will have to try to refund my savings account. The savings was used to pay for the new phone without me going into debt.

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