Less than a Month to Wait

In early July, I am expecting to get a rent rebate. And considering that things didn’t work out the way I wanted too (as if that ever happens?), I won’t be getting a new PC, nor a new MP3 player. Instead, after I address some things that I would have to, I would expect about $120 for me to do as I please.

Looking at my wish list, there are only a few things I could look forward to getting. With some self compromise, I am strongly considering the Seimens Gigaset A580IP which is a POTS/VOIP phone.  I could get the bluetooth watch, but that’s only valuable when I am out. I could get the ATA for the faxing, but I don’t have a fax yet. So, the best option would be the VOIP phone, but the one I wanted is about $75 more than this one.At Amazon, I could get the A580IP for about $80. While not as superb as the one I want, it would do most of the same things. Some of the key features would include:

  1. POTS compatibility.
  2. Association with up to 6 SIP accounts.
  3. DECT cordless technology
  4. Web Browser login and administration
  5. Gigaset.net account

With POTS compatibility, I would literally be able to plug it into one of those ancient phone jacks, and make and receive calls. Not that I have a POTS landline service, nor do I expect to get one, but this would also include ATAs with closed VOIP providers.

Association with 6 SIP accounts means that I could have 6 different VOIP accounts set up on my phone, and that’s provided I decide to not use PBXes.org. In some degree, this would seem like over kill, but still worth it.

DECT is the completely digital cordless technology that never interferes with current electronic equipment. In addition, since it is 100% digital, that means eavesdropping is harder. Also, calls are clearer, and there is no awkward conversion with VOIP and the phone with the exception of the audio.

Web based login and administration means that I can enter everything for my phone at it’s base station which is plugged into the router. This would mean entering SIP credentials, default line, and maybe even contacts. Ever since my days of the cell phone, I dreaded using the 12 key pad for entries. This should make things easier and better.

While I don’t need it, having another means of people to be able to reach me is always nice. In addition, if there are other people I may know with a Gigaset account, but no VOIP, they would be ale to reach me without any cost. And of course, it would be displayed as an option of means to call me when it becomes available.

And I am sure some people are asking why would I want a home phone? Don’t I have a cell phone with VOIP compatibility? Yes I do, and that would suggest that I just want a new tech toy. However, it goes beyond that.

Right now, when someone calls me, it forwards to the Google Voice line which than directs the call to my cellular phone. Because the VOIP client seems to bog down the phone, and I tend to rely on it regularly, I feel this is not in the best interests of the phone. There are two choice. The first would be another cell phone with service. The second is to buy a VOIP phone that makes use of the services I have already.

A line with 500 minutes would cost at least $30/month. My current set up consist of the following:

  • Call Centric with 911 support, and a +883 number for $1.50.
  • Local Phone with a Canadian number, and UK number for $3.50
  • Gizmo account which would hopefully integrate with Google Voice
  • 2 other providers both free.
  • Unlimited incoming calls, and unlimited toll free calls
  • US/Canada calls at .9¢ per minute

All of this with some planning wraps up in a PBXes.org account which provides 5 extensions. One would be for the phone, one would be 411 which forwards to +18004664411, and one would be 611 which forwards to T-Mobile Customer care (also a toll free number).

Now, instead of paying $2.00 for a directory assistance call from my cell phone, I would pay nothing from my home phone. In addition, if I have a problem with my cell phone, I would be able to pick up the phone and dial 611 to reach my carrier’s customer service. Because, while the carrier wants to be your only carrier, they want you to call with any problems from another phone.

In addition, when my brother comes by, and forgets his phone – his boss can speak to him on the house phone rather than consuming my cell phone’s power. And the reason of why is since every one calls my Google Voice number, and it is integrated with Gizmo (being one of the SIP accounts), all calls can ring both the home phone, and cell phone.

And let’s face it, $120 is not buying a player that supports apps, and Pandora, nor is it buying a PC worth any value. And while having either one of them would be better for me than the phone – this would still make a good choice. Who knows, maybe if all goes well, I might be able to reduce my cell plans to a limited plan, and rely on the house phone to make receive the majority of calls. That is another entry, and not for a long time though.