March 2017

Some things for the better and for the worse happened this month. While my life on the surface is rather quiet, there has been some significant impacts that happened. There is still some things that remain the same. My income and financial situation hasn’t changed. I have no significant other in my life, and the pain still remains.

One thing that happened is my neighbor went to the hospital as she typically does, and asked me to feed her cat. Maybe it is just me, but if you can’t stay out of the hospital, you shouldn’t have pets. I told her I would do what I can, and reminded her that I should not be going up and down steps on a regular basis because of my issues. It is times like this that I wish I could just have my own place where the neighbor doesn’t feel entitled that I am somehow responsible for their choices.

Still seeing a therapist with Mercy Health, but still have yet to get a new psychiatrist. I am feeling the impression that my issues doesn’t seem important to them, and if that is the case, I might have to consider looking elsewhere. This month, I had an OK week, but a number of bad days.

Pm another note, a woman that enjoys when Malak visits her offered to take me to Aldi’s. This helped made my food budget go further, and even with it having been the end of the month, I still had some SNAP Benefits (Food Stamps). This along with some food I get from a food bank assures that I can continue to have food through the month even if I don’t get everything I will want – I now have some variety other than the cheapest meal I can find.

My Walmart Credit Line has been paid off. My last payment was for $255, and considering I was still making two other payments – that is significant. In addition, I consolidated the Capital One cards I had. My Quicksilver card which had a $750 credit line had its line added to my other credit card, and then canceled. As for my other Capital One card, I expect it to be paid off in May. However, Synchrony Bank which manages both Amazon and Walmart credit lines had dramatically increased the interest rate on my Amazon account – just because. After speaking with someone there, I was told that it’s just the price of doing business. I will expect my Amazon account to be paid in full in November. When it is paid, I will use neither the Amazon nor Walmart account. With less than $2,000 on my credit card – it will be hard to do any significant purchase especially if something should need replacing.

In other news, my Blu R1 HD is still misbehaving. At least a few times a day – I have to turn Bluetooth back on. When I finish paying off my credit lines, and get new glasses – I will have to replace the phone with something that will work. I will however give up on Blu as being my primary device. I also needed to add funds to my Connect Card. With a little extra money I was able to get together – I left Port Authority with a balance of $150. This will be used to cover my bus fare hopefully for several months while I focus my attention on my debt. So there it is, the month of March in a nutshell.

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