March 2018

The first week was pretty quiet. I aided someone that needed help with something, and again in the second week. I also managed to add funds to my savings account which is getting closer to my target goal. I also acquired a new domain which I am working on finding something to do with it.

In the third week, I had two appointments. One was with the eye doctor, and the other was with my pain psychologist. While speaking with her, she enlightened me to something that after careful consideration – forced me to reconsider my plans. This will likely force me to make changes with what I will want to do, and force me to adjust my plans.

The last week of the month hasn’t been that productive. I canceled a subscription service earlier in the month and did a couple of errands. My benefits came on March 30, which of course – I paid my bills, and fulfilled my savings. Malak got to go out for walks more often this month considering it has been getting warmer. Otherwise, not much has happened.

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