March 2019

This month was much like any other month. I had two doctor’s appointments this month, and another one on the day after this entry posts. With the weather warming up, I am able to walk Malak more often.

I also got a letter from Section-8 which they increased my portion of rent to $185. This may not sound like much, but with SSI, I get less than $800 – so every increase is a pain to the budget.

Another thing that got to me is the new editor for WordPress blogs which seemed to have eliminated the option to compose without the WYSIWYG editor. For me, this is l have to deal with it, and there will be a slight change in how I write my entries.

Other than that, there has been very little that has happened. I also had to send a couple of pieces of mail out, and composed a couple of emails. I also got a Quip toothbrush which works well enough.

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