May 2018

This month could have been better. My biggest issue was the failing of my computer that I had for several years. I bought a new notebook PC as a precaution, and thankfully I did. The old computer broke down a few days later. Once I realize that I will not be able to resurrect the system, I opened it, and removed my SSD which is the drive that had everything on it. In an ideal world, I will buy a new desktop PC, and replace that mechanical hard drive with the SSD. This won’t happen for a few months as I am now in debt to cover the notebook. As for the notebook, since I had to use a credit line to get it, I am hoping to pay it completely off in mid-June. This will of course take out all of the money I will have left.

I went to the grocery store, and the woman that takes me also took another person. Where I go in, get what I need, and come out – I had to wait for the other person to finish. Nonetheless, I made due. My regret was I didn’t bring my headphones. Speaking of headphones, the headphone jack on my phone has decided to not work. This means from now on, I only can use bluetooth headphones. I have a set of LG which are of little good as the bluetooth audio skips and statics with the phone only being in my pants pocket. I have another headphones from a company I can’t recall – but they work better than the LG headphones. However, if my left ear gives me problems – I can’t use the better headphones. As for the phone, I do have a backup, but do not wish to put it in service until the phone that I currently use breaks down permanently.

I also registered with a penpal site. The results so far hasn’t been as good as I would have liked, but will continue trying to make the most of the site.

On a last note, I had a number of doctor’s appointments. I had one with my psychologist, followed by the nurse for my psychiatrist. I also had an appointment with my anesthesiologist, and one with the optometrist. It will seem as if May has been a relatively busy month with a few setbacks.

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