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Yesterday, I created a footer image for my Google Video Hangouts that I have yet to be able to use. Needless to say, I am not that popular. However, it is still something I figured I would do just in case. I will also go into how to create one. This should make life a little easier, and maybe a little more professional looking for those that are more popular than I am.

First thing I did was go to Once there, you would want to create a custom 640×360 image. You would want a white background, and you would need to make it transparent. From there, you would want to make a bottom banner. Make sure it is big enough for legible text. Also, make sure the color contrast is dramatically different. If not, it maybe harder for people to read on lower quality screens. In my instance, I chosen to create two layers, one black, and one blue. The text is white. Once you created the layers for the bottom, you would want to enter text. The minimum should be the name, and a means of contact. In my instance, I offer my name, my Twitter Handle, and my Contact Directory.

Now, you would want to start a video hangout with your web browser. No need to invite anyone, as we are just doing a couple of things. You will want to select Hangout Toolbox. If you don’t have it, you will need to install that plugin. Once selected, look for the person silhouette with a circle around it. Upload the image you created under the custom overlay, and set it to on. Save the Preset, and give it a name. You will see the results (as well as the video in reversed), but this will show up properly to everyone else.

Be sure the banner, and text doesn’t take too much of the screen. If you find the content is too small, or too large – then you would need to go back and redo everything. Hope this tip helps, and enjoy. If you are interested in seeing what mine looks like, refer to the image below.



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