New Blackberry Messenger Coming

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On October 7, there is supposed to be a new Blackberry Messenger with version 5.0. This messenger is supposed to have better support for avatars, and 6MB files. Also, contacts would be backed up on RIM servers, and there would be SMS integration which would lead me to believe that SMS would be going to the Blackberry Messenger.

Blackberry Messenger is exclusive to RIM devices and intended to provide a means of communication through the PIN system that RIM uses and hard codes into all of their devices. I am guessing that this update would only be available on the 8xxx, and 9xxx series, and would be included in all OS v. 5.x such as the 9700 that’s coming, 9630, and upcoming Storm 2.

And while I’m sure that everything is set in stone, here is what I would like to see in the new version:

  1. More options than just Available, and Unavailable as for status.
  2. Full support with AIM, Google Talk, ICQ (don’t use), Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger.
  3. UID assignment rather than PIN assignment. Some people may have several PIN contacts, and currently, hard coding your ID to the phone is counter productive.

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