New Domain: NeedsToBeBetter.US

Yes, some people may think I have too many domains, although I am looking into reducing the number I have. However, I thought this will be a good one to state my eccentric, but in my opinion sensible and valid points. The domain is NeedsToBeBetter.US. Why did I choose this domain. Well, there are many good qualities about the United States, however the country is obviously not perfect. It is flawed and in some cases antiquated on many levels. Corruption has infested government, and almost every politician “owes” favors to lobbyists, or “sponsors” rather than the people who elected them.

This domain will probably piss some people off, but I really don’t give a darn. I am not going to please everyone, and in a matter of fact, I will probably not please many people. However, that is part of the point of this website. Where some people just whine and complain about things, they rarely bring up suggestions to improve what they are whining about. The reason why is to think of rational, and effective solutions without sounding like a moronic idiot takes intelligence, and time.

Now, this site won’t deliver what I think will be best for me. In that case, I will be an absolute monarch with some wise advisors, and won’t have such things standing in my way like congress, or a judicial system. Needless to say, this site will not be what’s best for me, but what would be best for the United States. Of course, some people will call my suggestions socialism (the current villain word of the decade), but I am always ready to have different viewpoints heard. Every sub-domains (such as will have a opinions page which will accept comments. Of course, like assholes – everyone has an opinion.

If you come by to the web site and you find some strange web error code, come back the next day. This domain was registered on 2013-07-01, and may need a few days for the domain to propagate to your ISP’s servers.

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