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Recently, new domains have become available. These are offered through the release of new extensions. Every domain is divided into at least 3 parts. There is the sub-domain, the domain name, and the extension. In some cases such as UK domains, there are a sub extension. To give an example, is as follows. Frank is the sub-domain, Pilone is the domain name, and name is the extension. A single entity (whether be person or company) owns a domain name with a respective extension. For example, I own, but someone else owns (although they don’t seem to do anything with it).

Now, ICANN (the company that allows new extensions, and assigns a country with their domain extension) released new extensions with more on the way. Now, I feel that some of the domains don’t make as much sense, and many of them aren’t relevant to me. I will note some that I will consider as relevant to me, and why. There are currently one new domain name I want, but do not have the funds at this time. Another domain that I felt would have made life easier was lost to me as someone acquired the domain before I could get it. Therefore, is not mine. However, I have managed to acquire one of the domains I want, and another is in limbo which I am guessing my preferred registrar is not set up properly with that domain.

Most of the domains will rely on my initials. I am hoping that the lack of popularity will minimize the chance of squatters from going after these domains before me. However, as with most people’s initials, it is hard if not impossible in getting 3 character domains. Trust me, I wanted so much for, or I do have (cc is Cocos Islands), (Isle of Man) – both of which are country level TLDs., and newly acquired are both what is known as generic TLDs. Obviously, I will never get, or as these are restricted TLDs which are reserved for particular entities. However, I do want more, and of course with some rationale on why I would want them. Some may not see the rationale, but so what!

This domain will be reserved for material that I will not think will be appropriate for children. I actually attempted to acquire, but this was already taken before it reached general availability. Going to the site does nothing but offer a place holder which I find as unethical or wrong. Nonetheless, should be a suitable alternative.

Most likely, only one of these domains will be acquired. However, the goal of this site is to offer a potential collection of Big Ass What If Sites. One of these domains are in preorder, and I have purchased that preorder, but I also done so with, so while I have a better chance, it is not guaranteed. If I don’t get the domain, my credit card will be refunded.

As with…, these options will be a part of my Big Ass What If Collection of sites. As with the above, I will likely only need one of these domains.

This web site will be a big About Section. The site will go into the general details of me, FAQs, and other details such as conditions, and policies. This will take some of the content load off of my personal site which currently holds this information.

Another Big Ass What If Site involving if I was able to build my own condominium. This is obviously a bit outrageous, but hey – if I can’t be outrageous in my fantasies, then what’s the point of them?

As with most people that live below the poverty line, one dreams of what it might be like if they had a Shit Load of Money. One of these sites will be part of my Big Ass What If Group of Sites, and will focus on that what if I had a certain amount of money.

A Big Ass What If Site on what if I had my own city that I will get to build out from scratch. Actually, I will focus on a county perspective, as this will allow room for transit options, and an airport. I will actually base this fantasy city on Pittsburgh Pennsylvania as a model.

Loftier Big Ass What If than if I had my own city, as this will imply what if I had my own country. And while some will not agree with some of the policies I will have in this fantastic country, it will still give my views on how a country should be ran. It will probably give some insight on the type of person I am too.

This will be a unified URL for all of my public and semi-private documents. I will likely use the .htaccess file to send redirects to files that are available online. This will especially be the case if I can’t get the help site that I will want.

There is a phrase. Not everyone wants to rule a country, but everyone wants to rule the world. This site will go into detail if I somehow was the ruler of the world. Nothing is perfect, so I will assume that there will be dissidents as well. And obviously, there will still be issues of poverty, inequality, and various other issues. This again will give people an idea of the type of person I am. is available for preorder at $35, however with one site already on the preorder block, I have to wait about 10 days before I can attempt for it. If I can not get it, I will of course seek for

This website will focus on my current home, and the resources demanded of it. In addition, there will be resources on the type of home I will look for if I should have to hunt for a new place to live.

While there won’t be much profit in it, and I do not have the financial resources for such now, I will like to offer hosting solutions. In which case, this web site will be the domain hosting address. Until the service will be available, there will be a placeholder page which will go into detail of the role and purpose of this site.


Another Big Ass What If Site, this one will go into detail of what I would do if I had the potential for a hotel of my own – and of course in the city of Pittsburgh.


The USPS has been facing financial difficulties, and most of it is because of Congress. One on the paranoid rationale will say that Congress is trying to kill the USPS. I will like to hope better. This site will go into detail on what I would do if I was the post master general. If I am able to acquire a domain on if I had my own country – this site will less likely exist – instead one would read that respective area.

A Big Ass What If I had my own media telecommunications company. For those that don’t know, this will include cable or Fiber Optic Providers. Also included will be Satellite Dish Service Providers.

A Big Ass What If I had my own cellular company. In the United States, Deutsche Telekom will like to sell T-Mobile, so this could be a rationalized site. One could think of this as what I had T-Mobile.

While funds do not allow for it now, I will like to one day have my own Internet Radio Station. This site will provide for such information. Until then, there will be a placeholder page.

A Big Ass What If had my own Broadband Internet Service Provider. While no such company is technically for sale such as T-Mobile, such a company can do wonders in what is available.


This site will be devoted with regards to my pets which at this time includes my two dogs. There will be information on the actual costs of the pets, and why I do what I do. In the event that I should get other pets in the future, this will be focused on how I will go about raising them.

This web site will be focused on reviews of everything I own, or utilize. At first, this will include products I own, and currently have, as well as resources, and benefits I otherwise have. I will also into reviews of opinionated reviews such as music, movies, and videos. I normally do not review such as a person’s taste may otherwise cause a different impression. However, in this site – such will be reviewed. Exceptions will be current music songs, and albums. Considering I have more than 5,000 songs – it will be hard to give my impressions on all of them.

One of these sites will be a centralized site for everything including links and descriptions to other sites, social network connections, and other similar items. This site will differ from as the bio site is on a personal level while one of these sites will be on an public level.

This site will go into detail of the components, and technology I currently use, and what I do with it. One will find information for example of my current phone including the apps on it, and why I have them. This will include any home phone, tablets, and computers I will have.

While I currently own, and – will be more focused on extended family including any one with the Pilone Surname in Allegheny County. This will obviously include myself, my brother, and his children, but will also include any paternal half-siblings and exclude pets.

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