No More PO Box

Earlier this month, my PO Box expired, and this was by choice. There were a number of reasons of why, but this will now take some adjusting. This is the first time in 20 years that I had been without a PO Box. The reason of why was for privacy.

However, I have come across the realization that I almost never send nor receive mail beyond bills. Needless to say, my Internet Service Provider for example knows my address. The same applies to the electric company. So, instead of paying $38 per 6 months, and have to spend a morning anytime I will want to check my mail that may or may not have anything in it, I have decided to simply cancel the box.

This of course means that my contact information will no longer have my address on it. There will still be options such as telephone numbers, email, and IM, so there are still options in contacting me, just nothing relying on mailing or shipping.

As for the time being, there will be mail forwarding for 1 year time. In the event that someone I known for a long time would want my address,  I will give it out on a case by case basis.

In the unlikely event that I will feel that it will be in my best interest to get a new box, I will want to find something that will make it easier to transport via the Route 4. The only way I will see that is if the General Store on East Ohio offered boxes. This will allow me to get off in a couple of blocks from the store, pick up my mail, and catch a bus back.

Another issue will be adjusting my contact card. Currently, I had my previous versions with my name, PO Box address, telephone number, and .TEL address. Now, there is no address I will disclose to the general public, so there are 2-3 lines that will need to have a competent replacement. There is no rush since I don’t have any more cards, nor do I have a printer to print cards with.

However, as I mentioned before, there are still other ways to reach me. I still own so this address won’t go anywhere. In addition, the telephone number I provide is a Google Voice number, so that is a free number. Even if I were to not have a cellular phone, I could rely on Google Voice and point it to a SIP line. In the event that you as the reader will want the up to date contact information, you would simply just need to go to

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