November 2016

Still been having some issues with dealing with crowds. My pain psychologist has suggested speaking with my representative at the community center which I have done. I didn’t expect much, and while she tried to help, didn’t give anything I hadn’t tried already.

Acquired a new Windows 10 PC which is functioning reasonably well, and a Chromebook PC. My goal is to see if I can get everything (or most things) done on a Chromebook which should make future PC acquisitions easier. The Windows 10 PC is a laptop/tablet hybrid and actually works nicely. My main gripe is the lack of an SSD, and no apparent means of upgrading the hard drive.

Went to the new food bank, and got some food. Not as much as I would have liked, but considering it is donated, there isn’t much I can complain about. It did allow me to delay in buying groceries which will make life a little easier.

Little else happened. A business relationship seems to have problems, and I believe to be bluffing with their actions. If not, it is of little consequence to me. Nonetheless, what they are demanding can not be done. I will let them know in December. If it pulls through as I expect, things will actually get easier on me.

Seen my psychologist, and she gave me a list of psychiatrists for when I terminate the relationship I have with my current one. It will seem as if December will be a time of severing ties that will be unnecessary. More will likely be made in next month’s post.

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