November 23

Today was still a day fighting with the flu. I am feeling a bit better, but could be better still. I spent much of the day resting, and casually using the PC. I also received a package from Finger hut of an order that was place, but the product was not worth the price at this time. I will be sending it back the next day.

Andie also sent me an SMS with her landlord’s telephone number. I will be calling her on Monday. As for the only landlord that returned my call from the phone book, he never called back, so I could only presume there is nothing available. In other words, all of the entries in the phone book was a complete waste of time.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will need to go to the post office, and return the item from Fingerhut. I will also be expecting a DVD which I will do that at one trip. I will also have to go to the pharmacy, and will probably get some Orange Juice to fight this remaining flu off. If I am up to it, I will be writing a blog posting.